Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Our Sunday school class held our first annual Trunk or Treat on Sunday night. The kids were so excited about it! I sort of forgot about it and had to put something together quickly for our trunk, but it turned out ok. Hudson put about 1,000 spiders in the back. It sure was fun getting all of those off the spider web after it was over! :) He was a huge helper with decorating the trunk. He wanted it just so, and even added some of his own toys (snakes and rats!) to it at the end...his idea! We even had strobe lights with spooky Halloween sounds playing!
I don't think anyone knew that rain was in the forecast for Sunday night. It started drizzling the minute we got there and didn't stop. We still had fun though! It just didn't last very long, but that was ok too.

As you can see, our boys decided to dress up in different costumes on Sunday night. It was superhero night this time. Who knows what they will end up being on Halloween night! I think it's kind of fun changing things up a bit! Good thing we have several costumes hanging around the house!

 I had never been to a trunk or treat before. Some people went all out, some not, but everyone had candy and the kids caught on real quick and loved it! Even Harrison was all about going to each trunk and filling his bucket! Once again, they ate more candy than I can count, but this is the time of year that they can do that, right!?!? Next week, candy goes away (pretty sure Mom and Dad will have eaten it by then anyway!).

What a fun night! Can't wait for Halloween night tomorrow night!

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