Friday, October 25, 2013

Church Picnic

Last Sunday afternoon after soccer, we headed to Camp Sumatanga for our church's picnic. It was the most beautiful day and a great way to spend the afternoon!

Silly time with Haines in the bouncy house!

They had all sorts of things set up for the kids to play with, all of it along the bank of the lake so it was the most beautiful setting!

 We took the world's longest hay ride...
 LOVE these kids!
 Trying to pass the time on the hay ride...seriously, it was 30 minutes long. And, it was cold!

 Sweet friends!
We had hamburgers/hot dogs for dinner and then did smores for dessert. It was so yummy! Then, we headed to the lake to fish. The rest of the group was all together and getting some super cute pictures of the kiddos fishing, and Joel took Hudson off to where no one was. I was so mad at him (I wanted the cute pictures--who cares about the fish!), but wouldn't you know that Joel caught a fish within 5 minutes of trying. It made Hudson's whole day!

 Hudson was a little bit scared to get too close to the fish, but he could not stop talking about it for several days after! He loved it and can't wait to go fishing again! Unfortunately, I think Joel set the bar high. Not sure he will be able to catch a fish within 5 minutes the next go round!

What a fun Sunday we had!!!

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