Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Camp Winnataska

A couple of days after we got back from the Grand Hotel, Hudson headed off for his second year at Camp Winnataska! He was SO excited! This year, his buddy Wyatt joined him and they had a bunch of other buddies in their cabin so it was super fun.
Camp Winnataska is still the hottest place on earth, but the kids didn't seem to notice nearly as badly as the adults. Whew...not sure how they do it, but there was some rain while they were there so I can only hope that cooled things off a bit!

Drop off went well! Hudson was ready for me to leave in about 5 minutes! It was much easier to leave the second time around, and thankfully, it was easier while he was gone too. Not that I didn't miss him, but I think I knew more about what to expect. However, Hudson definitely avoided the camera this year because he was only in a couple of camp pictures. Last year, he was in so many! Oh well, I knew he was having fun so it didn't matter as much!

 Harrison can't wait until it is his turn to go!

 All of these boys are Vestavia boys. I love for Hudson to make friends at camp that aren't from where we live, but it is nice to know that he has familiar faces to be around as well!

So, letters home from camp are one of THE BEST things about camp! Hudson only went for 3 nights this year (next year is full week), so our letters home actually didn't arrive until after I had picked him up, so he did warn me about this one before I actually saw it (which sort of makes it funnier because he felt bad!). I thought I read somewhere that letters only were to be given the first full day, and then care packages the second full day. I still think that's right, but clearly the other parents aren't like this rule abiding parent and sent their kids care packages the first day and Hudson only got a letter from me. This was what he wrote:

"Dear Mom, Why didn't you get me anything from the camp store. From Hudson."

Well...glad to know I was missed! :)

And then he got his big ole' care package the next day with lots of goodies and all was right in the world. But, he must have hated me for a whole day! Live and learn!

He did send another letter too (I was shocked I got two!) and it was really sweet and I should have taken a picture, but I didn't. He was definitely having a good time though.

He can't wait for next year. I'm glad to know that he loves camp. I think it's good for him to spend some time away from home having new adventures! The homecoming is always pretty sweet too!