Thursday, December 28, 2017

September Update

September was filled with extracurricular activities! We were super busy all of the time. Harrison played fall ball in the 6 year old coach pitch league. He did great and hit lots of home runs. It was exciting!

Hudson got his 3rd grade Bible at church. It was a special day.

 More baseball. Both boys were fun to watch this fall!

 I got to sneak away for a little weekend at the beach and it was glorious!!!

Harrison played flag football this fall in addition to baseball. It made for a crazy schedule for him, but he LOVED it. His team went undefeated! They were the Vikings and each week, one player got the "Viking of the Week" award. Harrison scored a touchdown and pulled several flags on his week. He was so excited.

Hudson is doing Cub Scouts again this year and one weekend, Joel and Hudson had a camp out in Mentone. We got up there in time to eat lunch at The Wildflower before Joel and Hudson headed to the camp out, and Harrison and I went to hang with Big Mama and Big Daddy at the cabin for a night! Win win for all!!!

 Lilla won for biggest cheerleader this fall!

Hudson had several friends this year play tackle football and so we went and watched a game. His best buddy Wyatt was there too and they had on matching Cam jerseys! Of course now Hudson wants to play tackle football, but that's a battle we'll fight another day!

Harrison had a very special Mystery Reader one day...his big brother! What a fun time we all had! Hudson did a great job reading to the Kindergarteners!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

August and Labor Day

I'm going to try to play catch up during Christmas break. We've done so many fun things recently that I need to get this up to date so I can post our holiday activities!
Anyway, back in August when it was blazing HOT, baseball started and my big boy took the mound for the first time. Kid pitch was interesting to say the least and we had a lot of bumps and bruises from getting hit with balls, but Hudson enjoyed it.

We went out to Oak Mountain one day to try out the bike park. The boys loved it!

Harrison really couldn't even ride a bike without training wheels, but was up and going over the small hills. We were pretty shocked to say the least. He just seems to catch on to things really quickly!

We watched the solar eclipse! It was a whole lot of hype for nothing to me, but I did learn that Hudson is a lover of all things science and while I did not let him skip school to potentially burn his eyes watching the eclipse, he was ALL into it and enjoyed watching at school. I did bring home the special glasses and they thought just wearing them was cool! Hudson is already talking about the next one and how he's definitely missing school for it!  
We spent Labor Day at the cabin with my parents and Carrie and Rooney. We had such a good time, none of us wanted to leave!

Dad surprised the kids with an Auburn mask and they thought it was the greatest thing in the world. He was pretty pumped about his Walmart find. Ha!

Look at those happy kids!

We headed to the lake for one day and rode the boat, did a little hot dogging, and rode all over the farm in the gator. Boys dream!

I decided on the boat ride that I would try to take a selfie with Chloe because she was being so sweet and clinging to me all day. Well, little did I know that she would pass away 2 days later. So, this is the last picture we have of our first fur baby. We miss her like crazy and it was a very sad time for all of us. We still don't know what happened, but the vet thinks it was some sort of brain bleed. She's buried in her happy place at the cabin and we'll remember her always!

We came home from Labor Day weekend and promptly bought Harrison a spanking spoon that he happily painted. We were having some behavior issues with him and just chalked it up to a lot of change (house, school, etc.), but as it turns out, it was an ear infection that he had for probably 6 weeks. Whoops! Soon as we got that cleared up, he was back to happy Harrison!