Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Wrap Up

I realized I had even more pictures from this summer that never made it to the blog.
One Wednesday night at church was Frozen night. We ate dinner and they had Frozen crafts, and of course pictures with Elsa, and then they showed the movie. My boys LOVE this movie (Harrison is really OBSESSED with it). So much that we are going to see Frozen on Ice in Nashville in about a month! Can't wait! And P.S., it was not originally coming to Birmingham at all so that's why we bought tickets in Nashville (and Joel's brother lives there so we needed to go visit), BUT, they are coming to Birmingham in May and tickets go on sale in November! We may be going twice!
 Harrison was doing some sweeping at Migi's one early Saturday morning. I have probably mentioned this, but we did close on our new house and we are having some work done before we move in, so we moved out of my parent's house and into my inlaws house for a few weeks. One, my parents needed their house back when Carrie came into town, and two, my inlaws house is close to Hudson's elementary school so it has been better for us in the mornings. We were hoping to move in next weekend, but that seems to be pushed back some...we are so ready to be in our own space, but thankful our families have let us crash at their houses!

 We celebrated the August birthdays...Mama Jean, Carrie, and me!

The boys and I crashed Carrie and Andres' babymoon at the beach for a few days! They claim they didn't mind and had fun, but it was loud and crazy.

 I caught a crab! Woo hoo!
 Hudson was very proud of the crab and we kept him in a bucket for a whole day before I finally convinced Hudson to let him go back in the ocean.

 The water was the clearest I have ever seen at the beach. And, there were no waves, so the boys loved getting in it (finally). Now, we still spent most of our time at the pool, but maybe next summer we can spend even more time at the actual beach!

 We went to the Red Bar for Carrie's birthday. I'm glad we celebrated big on this night, because we tried to go out to celebrate for my birthday the next night and had to leave a restaurant because Harrison was crying so badly. Happy Birthday to me! Ha!

 It was a great few days at the beach, and then we came home to find Hudson's cape on the mailbox at the new house! Kindergarten is "super"! He was so very excited!

 And then Harrison started back the school year and on the first day, we had this note home...

I'm happy to report that we dodged it! :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Few Thoughts on the First Week of Kindergarten

We are officially one week into Kindergarten. Things are still going great! I wanted to jot down a few thoughts about our first week though since this is such a big deal for us (with a few random pictures from the last few weeks).
1. There are no more lazy mornings. None. So much for rolling into work around 8:30 or 9 ish. Kids are up by 6:30, and we are out the door by 7:10, at work by 8 ish on a good day. I made the mistake of leaving at 7:20 one morning last week--really, really bad idea for your new kindergartener to be there late on the second day of school. My commute was an hour and 20 minutes that day. With a screaming 2 year old who wanted out. Won't be making that mistake again!
2. Which brings me to my next point, carpool is for the birds! It is awful! I don't have that much time to waste in one day. The morning is bad enough if you don't hit the right "window", but all of you that get there at 1:30 when school doesn't get out until 2:30 really have too much time on your hands! (and I mean that in a very jealous kind of way!)

 3. There has only been one thing that Hudson has complained about, and that is the lunch room number. Not the lunch room food (which looks and sounds pretty gross), but rather the actual number that he has to remember. And his number is 90210 by the way...who can forget that?!?! He doesn't understand the importance.

4. We have alternated buying lunch and taking lunch and that seems to be going well. I review the lunch menu each day and if I think he'll eat it, I make him buy. If it's carrot soufflé and spinach like one day last week, I send his lunch.

5. By Thursday (2 days of school), Hudson didn't need any assistance finding his classroom in the morning. So happy about that! I wasn't ever really worried about him (I knew he would find help if he needed it), but making him hurry out of the car in the carpool line in the mornings and watching him go in the school by himself is just a strange feeling! He has been totally fine getting out of the car in the mornings though--super easy and he's always smiling! Makes it easier on this mama!

6. By Friday (4 days of school), Hudson told me every one of the names of the kids in his class. I was proud of him for making lots of new friends in the first week!

7. I've also learned that what comes out of Hudson's mouth for the first 20 minutes after I pick him up is all I'm going to hear about school that day. It just isn't happening after that.

 8. Hudson claims that one day he was bitten. I thought we were past that stage? That's been the only sort of strange thing this week.

9. Big school is exhausting! I haven't gotten a whole lot out of Hudson after school. He's watched a lot of TV this past week in the afternoons, and I think that's ok! And he never complains when we say it's time for bed!

 10. After one week, he says gym and recess are his favorite parts of the day. Recess is right after lunch, in the middle of the day. In August, I can't think of anything worse, but he loves it. He also loved the library, and brought home a book about Leopards!

This morning, he asked me why he had to go to big school every single day. It was one of those comments that I hated to hear and it really hit me in the gut, and I went into my speech about how he is a big boy now and he has to go, yada, yada, yada, and he got the biggest smile on his face and said, "Ok Mom, I love big school!" Phew! Let's hope this keeps up.

So far, so good! We really can't complain about the transition so far and every day is easier and easier on me too. It's hard to believe we are at this point, but it's good. In just a week, Hudson has gotten so much "older" to me. It's like a little part of him is leaving us already, which is a little sad, but we are excited about what is to come.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We Survived the First Day!

Hudson had a GREAT first day of Kindergarten! He was so excited this morning. We all had to get up earlier than normal, but he couldn't wait to get dressed and get his backpack on. It was so funny because we always carried his backpack for him in preschool (he refused to carry his own!), so I was worried it might be an issue. It helped having a new one for sure. He had it on at least 30 minutes before go time.
He wanted to make sure everyone could see his backpack...
 The obligatory first day of school pictures. Normally, Harrison would be in these pictures too even though it wasn't his actual first day, but he was too busy throwing a fit. I don't think he cared very much about all the attention Hudson has gotten in the past few days. I don't blame him! It was not a good morning for him at all. He was very quick to say "bye-bye" to his brother, and then perked up and talked my ear off all the way to his school!

Hudson very impatiently waited in the carpool line for his turn to get out. He was already out of his seatbelt and ready to go, and had the window down talking to everyone walking by. He really wanted to just go ahead and get out, but I made him wait!

Then it was his turn to get out! He was gone so fast that I could barely even get a picture of him walking/running in! He never even looked back! And I'm happy to report that I did not cry at all! At least until my mom called and said, "This is a very important day for you chapter of his life is over...blah blah blah". Thanks mom for reminding me!

He said that once he got into the school, he didn't know where to go, but someone grabbed him and took him to his class. He told me ALL about his day. In preschool, he would never tell me anything, but I got an earful today, and it was all good! Well, except he said he did not like entering his lunch room number and asked to take his lunch tomorrow. Ha! He made a new friend named Griffin, so that was good! He already says he's his new best friend. He couldn't remember any of the other names though. And he said he just loves Mrs. Boyd!
He's doing after school care a few days a week at our church across the street from the school. Even though I was DYING to go pick him up this afternoon, I wanted him to go ahead and do the whole routine so he would know what to do. He was so excited because he gets to play with his best buddy Haines at after school care!
 And by the way, he is sleeping in his name tag tonight...he is so funny! He said he could not wait to go back tomorrow. But, I will say, he was exhausted already. This is definitely going to be an adjustment and I have a feeling by Friday, he's not going to be so cheery.

We had to stop by Serendipity for an ice cream treat after school too! So fun!

What a great day it was! And we get to do it all over again tomorrow! I am happy that he was happy...that made it so much easier on me.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Kindergarten Here We Come!

Well, it's here. Kindergarten starts tomorrow. I've had nerves all summer about it, but I think at this point, the nerves are pretty much gone and I'm just excited. Hudson is excited. It's time to get back to our routine...if we even have one since we've pretty much been living in limbo the past couple of months. I'm not sure how I'll react once he gets out of the car tomorrow and goes on his way without me (at the crack of dawn I might add!), but I think I've gotten my tears out and I think I'll be ok. Now, if they have to extract him from the car, that may cause me to lose it a little...or a lot. I'll be sure to update! Ha!
We met Hudson's sweet teacher today, Mrs. Boyd. She could not be more cute. Hudson doesn't know anyone in his class, so it ought to be interesting, but there are 11 boys so surely it will be easy to make new friends!

I've packed his backpack and have everything ready to go. I'm making him buy lunch tomorrow so he'll start to get the lunch number thing down, even though I don't even have his lunch number yet. Somehow I missed that part. My little group of friends are stressing about lunch, about what to bring for "healthy" snacks (as required--we are debating whether fruit by the foot is really a fruit--ha!), and who is going to drop off in carpool as opposed to walking them in. All of the most important things, you know.
It's going to be interesting, that's for sure! Another chapter in life is beginning! Update to come tomorrow!