Sunday, September 28, 2014

Auburn Homecoming

We take the boys to at least one Auburn game every year (and have since they were babies!). Homecoming is usually the best one to take them to because it's typically a blow out and you don't feel too bad leaving at halftime. So yesterday was their first game to attend this season! It was so fun!
I have to first say that these two are going to have an arranged marriage one day...

Joel scored a parking pass from a co-worker and it ended up being right next to the stadium so we decided to tailgate there with the Bridges and the Stephens. The Bridges came to our house before the game and loaded their stuff in our car so they didn't have to carry it from wherever they parked. It worked perfectly!

We got there pretty early and had the best day! We were in a great location with a lot going on. The kids had a blast playing and the adults relaxed! The weather was incredible. It was a nice change!

 We saw Aubie ride by in a gator within the first 5 minutes we were there, so that was a big hit. And, we finally attended Tiger Walk with the boys for the first time. It was chaos and I couldn't see a thing, but the boys loved dancing to the band and seeing all the players walk by from atop our shoulders.

 Harrison and Mommy selfie!

Family selfie! Ha! I'm dying at the boys' faces. They are making the same face, and it is THEIR DAD made over.
 Cutie patootie!
 He was so cute all day. He didn't get a nap and I was worried about that, but he did just fine (and passed out before we even got out of Auburn!).

 Both the alumni band and the current band walked by on their way into the stadium playing all the songs. It was like a parade. Another huge hit. Hudson loved the tubas of course. If you've met Hudson, you know he has a slight tuba obsession...he's now asking for a tuba for Christmas! Yeah right!!!

Our seats were under the cover and my camera was not cooperating with the light, so all we have are really dark family shots! And Joel said if I took one more picture he might kill this is all I've got. :)

 We got in the stadium in plenty of time to see the eagle fly and the band play, both of which were highlights of the day for the boys. They loved seeing the players run out in the smoke too! And then they sat still and watched every play of the game.


This is what really went on...

 And this...
And the poor man in front of us getting kicked no less than 1,000 times. He was so sweet though. And grateful we left at halftime!

It was actually the best game experience we've had with the boys since we started taking them. We sat in our seats the entire half, and got to see every play. In previous years, we've had to take turns walking with the kids in the tunnel, but not this year! Now, we might have been wrestling a kid or kindly telling them to be still, but they were good! I smuggled in snacks and the boys knew they could have one snack in the first quarter and one in the second, so that helped. Harrison watched videos on my phone for part of the time too! And there was always the "who can find Aubie first game" that was always fun. Anything to keep them occupied and still!

It was great that Hudson is actually playing football now because he was telling us who was on offense and defense and we could talk to him about the game and he understood. He's really growing up!

We had to stay for the halftime show (so Hudson could get one more look at the tubas!) and then we bolted. It was such a fun day!

Oh and Auburn won! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We Moved!

We moved! We are finally in our new home. "In" is about all I can say about it at this point though. Ha! It is still a mess. Moving with kids is hard! There is only so much unpacking you can do at a time, so it has been a slow, slow process. We've been in the house for about a week and a half now. We just got TV installed on Sunday, and we still do not have internet. And we haven't been able to put any rugs down yet because of our new floors--hopefully another week? Like I said, slow process. But, we are glad to have our stuff back, especially the boys who missed all of their toys dearly!

A couple of nights before we moved in, I was frantically trying to get the house cleaned. We had all of the hardwood floors redone and there was dust EVERYWHERE. Well, I was leaving for the night and this little friend almost came into the garage. I was able to close the garage without it coming in, but I swear, I have the worst luck with snakes. I told Joel that I was ready to put a for sale sign in the yard! I do not do snakes! It looks little, but it really wasn't! :) Thankfully, we haven't seen another one yet, but I'm not holding my breath. We are a little bit more "in the woods" in this house!

Harrison is such a mess! Daddy dressed him on Saturday and put him in shorts that were way too big. We were at Joel's parents house getting some things and of course he had to have ice cream while we were there, and all of a sudden we looked at him and he was covered in ice cream and his pants had fallen down! He thought it was hilarious!

 And if anyone has any potty training tips for us, we are all ears! He goes potty fine at daycare, but he has yet to go at home! Grrr!

Hudson is trying out flag football this fall. We really want him to learn the rules of football since we are such a football family! So far he likes it, but let's just say he's definitely still learning. He only ran the wrong way with the ball once on Sunday. :)

 His team name is the Cornhuskers. He asked me what a cornhusker was and I really had no idea! What a strange name for a football team! (and I know Nebraska is the cornhuskers, I just picture someone out in the field getting corn and surely that can't really be their mascot!)

Ok so this was a really random post, but hopefully I'll be back to regular blogging soon! And maybe in the next year I'll post pictures of the house!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day (and the past week)

We've been soaking up our last few days of summer with lots of pool time! The boys jumped off the diving board for the first time the weekend before Labor Day, and now they act like they've been doing it forever! Harrison always ends up doing a belly flop off the diving board...looks so painful!

The boys found this bucket in Migi and Pops' house and were outside playing with the hose one day and ended up filling the bucket and putting Jack in it. Poor dog...

 How much fun can one have in a bucket!?!?!

 Last Thursday, Harrison had an ENT appointment. I hate that place, mainly because you have to wait and wait and wait, but we have to go every 3-4 months due to Harrison's history. The past couple of visits have been pretty quiet with nothing going on, however, we knew something was going on even before this appointment because of the way he's been acting lately (he's been really, really, difficult--no other way to put it!). As it turns out, Harrison had so much fluid behind his ears that has caused him to have some temporary hearing loss (the hearing test was painful to watch because he couldn't hear anything), and so this morning, he had surgery to get the fluid out of his ears. Basically, he had the tubes surgery without getting the tubes. Our ENT does not want to put tubes back in his ears if at all possible due to the previously bouts with staph. This is clearly a very temporary fix and he could get fluid back in his ears tomorrow, but we're hoping it will buy us more time and praying he will grow out of this very soon!

On Friday, Harrison and I went to the zoo together. We had so much fun just the two of us.

 I let him feed the giraffes for the first time and he loved it!

 Saturday it was game day! We are so excited that football season is back!

We watched the first half of the game at home while Harrison napped, and then headed to a friend's house to watch the rest. There were a bunch of kids and it was crazy, but we had a great time!
 The reason we stayed in town this weekend was because we had to empty out one of our storage units and Sunday was the day. We rented a Uhaul and got it done. It was awful and I've never sweat so much in my life, but it is now all in our basement and that is one less storage unit payment this month! We are moving in our new house on Friday and we cannot wait!!! Pictures to come soon. We are so ready to get settled.

Monday, we headed to Hoover Country Club with friends to swim and have lunch. They had a water slide and music and the kids had all of their closest buddies to play with, so it was so much fun for everyone!

I wish every weekend was a long weekend! It was nice to have that extra day!