Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Wrap Up

I'm cleaning off the camera with this post! Here's what hasn't made the blog before now.
Hudson and I went to the movie a few weeks ago. We saw Monster's University and had a good morning out!
A couple of my sweet co-workers took me to dinner at Felix's while in Mobile and ordered this little surprise without my knowing...along with a Chrissy to drink (if you have never had one, you have to try it--it was an incredible dessert drink!). We had such a fun night out, even if it was a Monday! It made my birthday!
 We did the splash pad at the zoo and the bubble pit for the first time this summer.

 We met up with the Kincaid's and the Batson's. Megan, Emily, and I used to play club basketball in the spring and summer growing up and we all have boys the same age. Megan and I hang out a good bit now, but we had not seen Emily in probably 10 years! It was fun catching up!

Harrison got in on the giraffe feeding for the first time. He loved it!

Trying to get 7 kids together (one was in the stroller and who knows where Harrison is!) was impossible!
Harrison is officially out of the high chair! He is a big boy now and sits at the table with us. Only time will tell if the high chair ever makes another appearance! :) Kind of sad to think about that! I am glad for now though to get it out of the kitchen! One less thing to clean!

Harrison has a new girlfriend! I caught these two holding hands the other night. Their facial expressions are cracking me up. Neither would smile at me! I totally think that Harrison looks just like Joel in this picture.

Hudson told me that he was "just like Pops" in this picture because he was wearing his sunglasses in his shirt. It is funny at the things he catches on to! For some reason, I think he looks like he's 10 in this picture!

It was sunny this morning for the first time in ages it seems! We hit up the park and played our little hearts out! The sun does everybody a little good!

I'm sad that summer is just about over! We have got a few more things planned over the next couple of weeks and then that is pretty much it for a while, but we sure have had a good summer (despite Harrison's surgery!).

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Infamous Superman T-shirt

I have been meaning to put this story on the blog for a few weeks now, but I had sort of forgotten about it until today. This is what appeared downstairs after someone was supposed to be napping today...apparently, he was playing dress up instead of napping! He said he needed a new outfit. Needless to say, we were in for the afternoon. I was too embarrassed to leave the house and it was certainly not a battle I was going to fight! :) He really, really, did think it matched. He kept telling me that it all had blue in it--which he did have a point! 
This Superman t-shirt is really something special. If you know me, you know that this kind of shirt is really not my thing. It's hard to explain--it's not that the shirt isn't cute, because to me, as far as little boys clothes go and how a lot of them look, this one is ok! I guess I would just rather dress him in something a little nicer while he's young and I can get away with it, but I do realize that these days are coming (I'm fighting battles more often now about what he wears!). He has a dinosaur t-shirt that I just despise, and he wants to wear it Anyway, all that to say, he doesn't get many chances to buy shirts like this so this is a real treat for him! :)

Hudson and I had a shopping date one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago. We had done what we needed to do, but decided to head to Old Navy for a second. Hudson saw this shirt and just about died over it. Begged and begged to get it. I knew I was going to have to cave. It was tax free weekend, so the line at Old Navy was halfway down the store. We took the shirt and got in line and it was then that Hudson's major internal struggle started. I'm pretty indecisive too, so I know he gets it from me, but he took this to a whole new level! I had never seen his little mind work like that before. He kept saying he wanted it, then he didn't, then he wanted it again. I can't even count how many times he went and put the shirt up and then went back and got it! All the while, I'm thinking, there's no way I'm waiting all afternoon in this line if he doesn't want the shirt! I did have one other thing that I was buying, so I just let him decide what he wanted to do knowing that in the end, I knew he would want the shirt and we would be buying it. When we got to the counter, he told me one final time that he did NOT want the shirt, and he was pretty adamant about it. So, against my better judgment, I did what he told me! I told them we didn't want the shirt! Well, as soon as I paid for the other item, Hudson realized that I really didn't buy the shirt, and that was when the meltdown started. I'm talking, laying in the middle of Old Navy, big dinosaur tears streaming down his face, screaming as loud as he could about the darn shirt. I looked back at the line and it was almost to the back of the store at this point. We were NOT staying. Everyone was staring at us. He was entirely way too old to be throwing a fit of that magnitude in a public place, and I'm sure everyone was thinking what a horrible mom I was for letting him get away with it, but truly, I did not know what else to do! I ended up throwing him over my shoulder and carrying him out while he was kicking and screaming. It was very traumatic for the both of us!

I felt really bad about the whole thing because I knew he probably sensed my hesitation on the shirt and was trying to please me (he is most definitely our pleaser child!) by saying he did not want it when clearly, he wanted it, so I knew I had to go get that shirt! I was heading out of town the next day for Mobile, so I decided to go grab the shirt that morning and left it on his pillow that night with a note telling him that I was sorry, and that I hoped he had a great first day of school. According to Joel, he was SO excited about the shirt that he not only slept in it, he wore it to school the next day (in 95 degree weather mind you). I'm sure his new teacher was wondering why in the world we would send our child in a long-sleeved shirt in August. Glad Joel dropped him off that day--at least the men get a break with stuff like that! The things we do to make our kids happy...

I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of Superman this fall. I'm just going to have to get over it! :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

One More Year

Wow, today has been overload of pictures on Facebook/Instagram of the first day of school. I love them all! There is just something about the excitement of the beginning of a new school year. Maybe it's because I always had a new super cool "trapper keeper" that made note taking extra fun??? :) Yep, I was a nerd! But seriously, who doesn't love buying school supplies?!?! I may not feel that way when I'm the one doing the buying, but still--I loved starting fresh and new. I was never crazy about the first day of school outfit (I was such a tomboy), but is it sad that I have already been thinking about what Hudson will wear?!?!? My how times have changed.

Anyway, Hudson and Harrison's first day in their new classes was a couple of weeks ago and it really didn't get to me then, but today, I've just been sad! Hmmm...maybe because on this day next year, we'll be sending Hudson to Kindergarten and HIS picture will be making it to Facebook and Instagram! I'm SO not ready for that! There will be a lot of tears for sure. I'm very thankful that we have one more year of flexibility and fun before the real thing gets started! We plan to take full advantage. I will be so sad when I don't have my buddy on Fridays so we will cherish that time together for sure!

I have to share this picture below of the boys last week. Since Harrison isn't going to school right now, he's really been missing his partner in crime at home. Let's face it, I'm just not as fun! Every day when we pick Hudson up, Harrison runs up to Hudson and grabs his hand and looks up at Hudson with the biggest grin. Sweetest thing in the world! He adores his big brother! Big brother might adore him a little more if he wasn't always beating him up and stealing his toys. :) In all seriousness though, Hudson is VERY protective of Harrison. He helps me keep an eye on him, won't let him jump on the bed, and is a champion sippy getter and paci/lovie finder. They play really well together most of the time and Harrison copies everything Hudson does, good and bad--we are learning about setting good examples over here! Love these boys SO much and love the relationship that they are developing!

Monday, August 5, 2013

First Day of 4k!

Today is Hudson's first day of 4k! It would be Harrison's first day of Toddler B, but he didn't go. Hudson begged me to take his picture this morning! He was so excited!

Ms. Mary Kay had given Hudson a poem to read and a bag of confetti to put under his pillow last night to help him get a good night of sleep before his first day in his new class. This was such a cute idea and Hudson said the confetti made him not be "nerbous" today--he liked having it under his pillow so much that we might never be able to remove it!

Of course, when we got to school and I was getting him out of his car seat, he decided he did not want to go (which is what I figured he would do!). However, when we got to his class, he surprised me and ran right in and gave his new teacher a big hug and never looked back! Woo hoo! I'm dying to hear how today went. I don't know why, but his new class just reminds me of big school. We even had the "first impressions are everything" talk on the way to school. He's really growing up!

Hudson said he needed to take a picture of Harrison and me. I was surprised we were actually in the picture! He was very proud of himself for taking this!

Joel asked me this morning how it felt to be 33 (since it's my birthday today) and I told him that I didn't know, I'd have to let him know next year! He then replied with, "2013 less 1981 is 33 years old!" Good thing I'm the accountant in the family (and thankful I am really only 32--ha!). So far today, I have cleaned up throw up and a diaper blow out (Harrison has had a bit of a tummy issue the past few days--otherwise fine though), squashed a huge roach with lots of squeals and screams out of Harrison and me!, and now I'm about to head to Mobile until Wednesday for work. We also took a great walk with the pups, built the biggest tower you've ever seen in blocks, and I have gotten lots of hugs and kisses from my littlest. A good day it has been so far!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Seven on Friday

Just a few tidbits from the last week.
1. We had a fun trip to the zoo with the Farrar's, which included Hudson's first time to feed the giraffes. As a side note, we also got the pleasure of seeing the giraffes about to do something else...if you know what I mean. :) We immediately exited that area so as not to have to explain that to the boys! Ha!

 Check out that tongue!
 2. We had Harrison's follow up check up with the ENT and found out that his ears are clear (hooray!), but that one of the tubes has already fallen out. A week and a half must be a new record. They will not do anything else unless it is necessary so we are now in a waiting game.

3. I started working from home this week. We had to do something and keeping Harrison out of daycare for a while to let him build his immune system back up (and not get exposed to daycare germs!) seemed to be the best option for now. I'm thankful for a flexible job that will allow me to do this. It's great that I will be able to spend more time with the boys, but it's also going to be hard to get everything done at work too since I can only work when the kids are asleep. I will have absolutely no down time, but it has to be done and we'll do anything to not have Harrison have to go through this again!

4. Yesterday, we went to the Gardendale Splash Pad and had a great time! Hudson liked it, but Harrison LOVED it. We took a picnic lunch and spent several hours out there.

5. Thankful for Wells Fargo this week. On top of everything else going on, my online shopping finally came back to bite me and my debit card number was stolen. Thankfully, the bank caught it and we were able to get everything back without much hassle. Someone had a good ole' time though.
6. Hudson starts 4K next week! My stomach is in knots thinking that a year from now we will be preparing for Kindergarten. We met his new teacher today and loved her and I know this year is going to be great! He was so excited that on the ride home, he asked if he could go tomorrow! That is a good sign! Harrison also met his new teachers and let's just say he was not thrilled! He's loving his time at home with Mommy (and I'm loving it too!). His teachers were sweet too!
7. We picked out the tile for our master bathroom today and Joel swears to me that the bathroom will be finished by the end of this month. I can't wait to show pictures--it's going to be beautiful!
That's all for now! Happy weekend!