Tuesday, March 20, 2018

December Happenings

I'm thinking I may never catch up, but here is what went on in December, minus Christmas. That will have to be a separate post because I have not even gotten Christmas pictures off my phone yet!
December started out with putting up the Christmas tree! We were still living with the Reeds while our house was being renovated, so we put up their tree. The boys had fun going through all their very many ornaments!

 Christmas pic with Roo at the cabin one weekend!

Both boys did Santa's workshop at school in early December where they packed snacks and food for those kids that are less fortunate. I love this day at school and volunteer every year! I just think it's such a good reminder for our kids to know and understand that some kids can't just run to the pantry and eat whatever they want whenever they want, and that some kids' only meal is their hot meal they get at lunch at school. This just blows their minds!
Hudson had his second guitar recital and he did so great! He played Ode to Joy. I'm so proud of him getting up there in front of everyone. These were all the kids that performed that night.

We played a lot of basketball in December! Both boys LOVE basketball. It was Harrison's first time to ever play and he tore it up. He was a maniac out there and definitely doesn't look like a kindergartener!
 These 3 boys had so much fun!

We went to the living nativity at Briarwood for the first time in December and it was so good. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maybe the most memorable part of December this year was the most unexpected snow day! We had not gotten snow like that in SO long and it came on a Friday and we were all just able to enjoy it. It was so pretty and was the best snow for building a snowman!

We don't have good snow clothes (need to put on the list for next year!) so it was go out and play for a while until your toes turn blue, then come in and put the clothes in the dryer and warm up and then head right back out. Repeat.

We also did our annual tradition of going to the Alabama Theater to see a Christmas movie with the Reeds this year. This year, we went in the daytime and saw Polar Express. Always a good one! They had closed off the streets outside this year and had these cool planes and big rig trucks. The boys loved it.

We also had a little scare with Mr. Hudson. He got hit in the back playing football at church after school one afternoon and couldn't feel his legs. So, that was a fun trip to the ER. The feeling did come back so that was good! We think he just had a stinger...but it was scary there for a while. Of course we arrive in the ER at 6 and get home at midnight, with nothing to show for it...but grateful that it was nothing worse for sure!

Hudson had to miss his class party as a result of his back injury, but Harrison had his and it was so cute! He has a sweet class this year.

We also went to our annual gingerbread house decorating party at the Bridges house. My kids LOVE this event each year and it's been so neat to see how it has evolved over the years. We started with only 4 kids that were maybe 3 or 4 years old, and now it's grown to be a big group and there's a lot less decorating these days and a lot more football playing in the yard...but still a great time by the mamas and the kids!

 We did come home with some pretty cute gingerbread houses!

It was a fun and busy December!