Monday, September 24, 2018

May 2018

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of opening the blog and seeing 6U Pirates as the latest post...geez it's been a while! I started the May post back in's high time to finish it. Along with the rest of summer because we've been in full swing since!
We ventured into the world of post season baseball with Harrison this summer. He made the AAA team and while I was a little iffy on the commitment it was going to take (I learned the hard way about getting burnt out when I was growing up and don't want to do the same to my kids!), Harrison was dying to keep playing so we let him. It was only for 6 weeks, so it wasn't bad and he loved it.
We wrapped up our spring baseball seasons. Hudson had a little party that I guess I took no pictures at, and Harrison had a party at the Barons game.

Hudson got a ball (actually one of the players in the dugout handed it to him!) AND had saved his money to buy a Barons jersey so he was on cloud 9.

Harrison was NOT on cloud 9 because of that haha. Why does Hudson get everything yada yada yada. :)
Hudson got the character award at school for patience. He did not get that quality from Joel and me!

Hudson and I got to go with Big Mama and Big Daddy to Chattanooga to watch the Auburn softball team play a game. It was SO much fun!

What was NOT fun was spending a night at the cabin without water because something with the plumbing got messed up and started flooding the house so we had to turn the water off. Good thing it's in the woods because we pottied outside for 24 hours! :) I am not a roughing it kind of girl!
Harrison's cute team picture where they are all trying to look tough! Harrison is in the back row third from right.
 I had a great Mother's Day!!! So thankful for these boys and their sweet Sunday school teacher who brought roses for them to give to their moms!

We became Warriors fans!
 Hudson got his summer buzz cut! Thankfully it grew!

 Harrison had to pick an animal and do a presentation about it at school and had to dress like the animal. Clearly I am not winning any creativity awards anytime soon. It was May...'nuff said.

 It was really cute getting to watch them present on their animals though!
 And then they had their class party on the playground, so it was good to knock all of that out at once!

 Harrison made some sweet, sweet friends in Kindergarten!

Hudson had his 3rd grade class party at the bowling alley with all the other 3rd grade classes. It was such a good time! Hard to believe he is no longer at this school! It was a fast 4 years for sure!

 Best buds since Kindergarten!
 More baseball...

 Finally it was pool time!

 May Day Play Day is always a big hit with the kids!

We got to catch Rooney in action at her soccer game! She did great!
 We were so excited for the last day of school!!!

 Then it was off to the cabin for a fun Memorial Day weekend!

Cheers to summer!