Wednesday, June 22, 2016

End of the School Year

After Mother's Day, we had a really busy few weeks. May is always like that for us!
Hudson had his end of the year choir performance. They did a little musical about Jonah and the whale and it was adorable! Seriously, cutest program I've seen yet.
He's getting a little "too cool" about choir and says that he is not doing it next year. I hope he changes his mind because I do think music and arts is more his "thing," but he misses being able to play with his friends on Wednesday afternoons! We shall see. It has been a sweet couple of years though.

 Harrison's tee ball season seemed to go on forever, but it finally did end mid-May and we had a cute little party at his coach's house after his last game. He cannot wait to get back on that field. He loves baseball!
Hudson went to a spend the night party one night in May and so Harrison and I went to see The Jungle Book. It was such a cute movie!
 Then Hudson got a character award at school the next week! We were so proud of him! His teacher always tells me that he is just so happy all the time (very true!) and so his character award was for "Contentment - being happy with who you are and what you have." I just love that. And it's just so ironic that he received that because literally, our family has had the hardest year we have ever had and it just seems to keep on getting worse, so contentment has definitely been a struggle for us. But thankfully, we have this happy little boy to keep us all smiling and positive and I know we will get through it!

 What is it with my kids and snakes!?!?!

Harrison had Ed's Pet World come to school one day. His teacher said he was the only one that wanted to hold everything. Of course he was...there are many days when I wonder where my kids came from!?!?
Hudson had his end of the school year party! This was such a sweet class and he had a fabulous teacher this year.
 We had a piƱata and it was supposed to be outside, but it rained right at the time of the party. That did not ruin the fun though!
The rain did stop though so we were able to go outside and have popsicles. Here is Hudson and Mrs. Dennis!
 Sweet boys before church!

Hudson had May Day Play Day and I volunteered to work the bouncy houses. Why I did that, I will never know!?!? It was HOT and the kids were WILD. I'll be glad to say goodbye to those crimson class shirts! Ha! Need a new color for next year!

My parents were just SO kind and brought over a trumpet. It was awful! However, after a few minutes, it kind of actually sounded a bit like music? Still awful though...

They still get it out every single day. And I still go lock myself in closet every day to get away from the noise. :)
 First and last day of 1st grade!

Last day of 3K!
Both boys had great school years. We had awesome teachers and both boys were well behaved and got good reports!