Monday, January 30, 2012

All Went Well!

Hudson's surgery went great this morning. He was such a big boy and was so brave. We were very proud of him. He didn't even cry when we had to hand him over to the nurse. I'm proud to say that we didn't cry either, although it is pretty awful watching your son go through those double doors not having a clue as to what was about to happen. One of the worst parts of the whole morning was not the hour wait in the waiting room (why do they tell you 7 am when they really mean 8 am???), which was pretty bad, but rather it was getting that darn gown on Hudson. He did not want to wear it! He is a boy and it did look like a dress! :) When he got back to our room after surgery, one of the first things he said was that he wanted to go home and watch bowling. What?!?! It was funny.

They made Hudson drink liquids in the room and let it sit for a while to make sure he wouldn't get sick and of course he did great with that (he was laying down not moving--of course he did great). As soon as we get him to the car and I start backing out, the projectile vomiting started. And, it continued until after we got home. He is just like his mama...we do not do anesthesia very well! I felt so bad for him--he was so pitiful. After a bath, I was able to get some food and juice in him and he was able to keep all that down. Thank goodness! We watched a movie and now he is fighting a nap. Nothing has changed there! I thought he would come home and want to zonk, but nope, he wanted to play (even though I KNOW he needs a nap).

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. We are glad it is over and hopefully we will be ear infection free for a while!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Trip to the Circus and a Birthday!

We had a great time at the circus again this year! Hudson LOVED it even more than he did last year. We left Harrison at home so we could have special time with just Hudson (and Hudson kept telling me that Harrison was too little to go anyway!). There is something for everyone at the circus and I can't wait to go again next year and let Harrison experience the fun too! We definitely missed him!

We had been talking up the circus and telling Hudson about all the animals he was going to see and he kept telling us that he was going to ride the train too. He thought we were going to the zoo! I then made the mistake of telling him that there would be clowns, and he totally freaked. The whole way there, he kept saying, "I don't want to see any clowns. I don't want them to get me!" I was nervous that I may have ruined it, but now he will tell you that the clowns were silly and liked to fall down a lot. Ha!

I just think the lion and tiger guy is crazy. They sure have those animals trained! I try not to think about how they got them that way. :)

We were able to make it another year without having to buy one of those expensive light up things...Hudson really never even noticed them! I wonder how long that will last!

On a side note, the circus will always have a special meaning to me because not only is it always Joel's birthday, but last year, it was on the way to the circus that I spilled the beans to Joel that I was pregnant! It's hard to believe that was a year ago!

Speaking of Joel's birthday, Saturday was his big day. Unfortunately, Joel and Hudson were both under the weather. We are almost 100% positive that Hudson has another ear infection. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough. He's had to just tough it out this weekend and I know he's not feeling good. We did manage to go eat a late breakfast at Another Broken Egg, and then picked up some Gigi's cupcakes to celebrate. The only gift I was able to give Joel was three uninterrupted nights of sleep. I have had no time, but I guess that's the best gift I can give right now, especially when he's sick!

Joel and I were supposed to have a date night last night, but he just wasn't feeling up to it, so we cancelled. I was bummed, but I guess I would rather spend our rare date night on a night that he is feeling good! We watched a movie instead and all got in bed early.

We celebrated Joel's birthday again tonight at the Reed's house with a yummy dinner.

I can't leave out this cute little guy. He'll be 4 months this week. Where is the time going??? He's been busy working on his sitting up skills!

Tomorrow is Hudson's surgery and even though we've been through it before, I'm still nervous about it. There's always that risk that you don't want to think about, no matter how minor the procedure is. I'm so ready for him to be feeling better, and I know he is too. He's probably forgotten how it feels to not be sick!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Safe and Sound

I don't really have much to report. There's never much to report in January. Is this the longest month ever to anyone else??? I'm somewhat of a zombie today after the middle of the night tornados. The sirens started going off at 3:30 and by 3:45 we had a very scared two year old crying at the top of the stairs. We needed to keep the tv on to make sure we were safe (the storm went just north of us thankfully--many were not so lucky), so I went upstairs to sleep with Hudson. At 4:30, Hudson had finally gotten back to sleep and the storms had calmed some so I headed back to my own bed. Not 5 minutes later, Harrison was crying! Ugh! So after a bottle, we were all back to sleep again until that darn alarm went off at 5:30. Time to get cracking for the day! Not a great start to a Monday, but I am thankful that we dodged another tornado.

We got the jumperoo out for Harrison this weekend and I think he's liking his new view. Not much jumping going on yet, but he is really reaching out and grabbing things!

This is where Hudson usually hangs out--on the floor playing with some kind of vehicle. On this day, it was the ambulance, and peekaboo seemed like the perfect game to go along with it!

I see you!

We had a very low key weekend, which was good. We have started Friday night movie night and it's so fun! Of course, last weekend it was Winnie the Pooh and this weekend was Dinosaur, so obviously not adult choices, but I wouldn't trade that snuggle time for anything!

Saturday it was stormy and Hudson really needed to get his wiggles out so we headed to I-Jump for a bit and let him run wild. It's not my favorite place, but Hudson loves it and it always guarantees a good nap! After lunch at none other than Chick-Fil-Way (in two year old talk) and a close encounter with the very scary Chick-Fil-A cow, it was time for naps.

Saturday night, we headed to the Kincaid's for a cookout. It was so much fun hanging out and Hudson had a blast playing with Hunt. They played together so well. I just loved walking into the room they were playing with and hearing them carry on a conversation. They are getting to be such big boys! Harrison stayed awake the entire time, but never even made a peep. He is such a sweet baby.

Yesterday, it was church and then we celebrated Migi's birthday at Macaroni Grill for dinner. Such a fun night!

The countdown to the weekend is on! We are going to the circus and celebrating Joel's birthday. I can't wait!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tubes Date Set

I begged the nurse at Children's to get us into the ENT more quickly than the 26th and she came through for us and got us in today. We had to get Hudson's hearing checked first, which showed he has hearing loss in his left ear (it was very clear that he was not hearing certain sounds from that ear), and then 2 and a half hours later, the doctor came in (for all of 5 seconds) and told us we need to get round two of tubes and have his adenoids taken out too. Surprise, surprise. I wish I could have just called in and gotten them to schedule the surgery without having to miss work and go to that place for them to tell me what I already knew! Oh well!

Anyway, we are all set for Monday, January 30th (for now--may try to change it to a Thursday). I had hoped for a Friday so I wouldn't have to miss any more work, but the next Friday they had available was at the end of February and that could be at least two ear infections away from now so I took the first date I could get. I don't want this boy suffering any longer than he has to.

I'm going to hate having to send him back for surgery. It was different when he was a year old and didn't know what was going on. Now, he's fully aware and I'm preparing myself for a total meltdown (for the both of us!) when I have to hand him over. Not to mention, I'll probably be by myself because Joel will need to take care of Harrison! We'll get through it though. It's really minor and I know it will only take a few minutes and hopefully, we'll be done with ear infections for good! I know, I know, I said that the last time.

This is completely unrelated, but Hudson was outside and picked up a stick that looked like a gun and said he was shooting water at me. Where they learn this stuff, I do not know!

He even knows how to use it!

Please say a prayer for us on the 30th!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Look Alikes?

What do you think???

They look like brothers to me!

* New post below.

Officially in the Crib

Thursday night was Harrison's first night in his crib and what do you know, he slept from 8-6 without waking! He did it again on Friday night. We thought we finally solved the sleeping problem. Unfortunately, last night he was up every THREE hours. He hasn't done that in forever. I'm so ready for his sleep to be consistent, especially as I start back to work this week! However, I still feel like a million bucks. I didn't realize how much his grunts and raspy breathing affected my sleep! It's nice not hearing that anymore, but on the other hand, when he's up every three hours, it's not fun trekking across the house and upstairs to get to him as quickly as you can before he wakes big brother up! And, I do really miss him being close to me. It's amazing how attached you can get! It had to happen sooner or later though and I'm sure we'll all adjust to it soon.

Don't be fooled, this picture was taken at around 8 am after he had gone back to sleep after his 6 am feeding, so he was in a really good mood at this point. Usually, he's screaming his head off until you get that bottle in his mouth!

I took some pictures after church today and there ended up being a bad glare on Harrison's head, so I put them in black and white and ended up really liking them. If only I had the time to really edit pictures that I take...I hardly have time to get them on the blog!

I can't leave our precious Hudson out. He won't let me take his picture much anymore, hence the reason that Harrison has been making the blog more than Hudson lately! We're counting down to his 3rd birthday in a little over a month. I've got most of his firetruck party planned and he's so excited about it. I shouldn't have mentioned it to him because every day he thinks it's his birthday (and we have until March 1st to wait!). He's still not potty trained and has absolutely no interest. We gave him big boy underwear (Toy Story of course!) for Christmas and he cried. I'm not going to push it, but I think he's terrified and I'm not sure how to get him over that. I'm just going to give it time for now.

He has really enjoyed working all 21 of his puzzles that he got for Christmas. He's just like his mama. We are puzzle people. He's really good at it too! He LOVES riding his new Jeep that Santa brought him for Christmas. I have yet to get a picture of him on it, but he is having fun with it. We are ready for some warmer weather though so we can spend more time outside.

Another thing he's into is sticks. And dirt. And puddles. And mud puddles. In his Sunday outfit of course.

I see a lot of this in our future...ha!

In Hudson's defense, he was only trying to give Harrison a hug!

And, a couple of I-Phone pics from the week. This little onesie from Aunt Carrie is so appropriate!

I'm going to miss seeing this sweet smile all day every day when I head back to work!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Smiles From Harrison

This is my first post from our new IPad so I have no idea how it is going to turn out. These were some cute pictures of our happy little guy in his LSU gold. :) Just kidding Bama fans--it was a good win for our state. I promise we didn't have a Cajun dinner and wear our yellow and gold that day (and work on our "Go Tigers" cheer).

He has a cute little dimple!

Well we are dealing with yet another ear infection for Hudson this week. That is 3 ear infections since Thanksgiving. Ridiculous. Our tube appointment can't come soon enough! The good news is that Dr. C checked Harrison's head while we were there and thought it was looking somewhat better and he is definitely not leaning to the right as we had originally suspected as a result of the flat spot. Yay!

That's all for today! Got two "no nappers" to attend to!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekly Tidbits

I just wanted to jot down a few random tidbits from our week.
  • On Tuesday, I took Hudson to his first movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks. He is obsessed with the other two Alvin and the Chipmunks movies, so I knew this one would be a hit, and it was! He loved everything from the movie to the popcorn to his first coke. What a treat it was! He did think it was too loud to begin with, but after he got used to it, it was fine. He was pretty quiet and sat still for most of the time. He did get a little fidgety towards the end and started climbing on all the seats in our row, but he was quiet and kept one eye on the movie at all times! Luckily, there was not a ton of people in there. It was a big success and I can't wait to take him to more movies.

  • On Wednesday, Hudson had a dentist appointment. I was dreading it because of how the previous dentist appointments have gone, and this was no exception. We started the appointment by Hudson falling backwards out of a waiting room chair and landing on his back (his head landed on a stuffed animal that was laying on the floor--phew!) while I was signing in and trying to get Harrison a bottle (of course, he had to be hungry right at appointment time!). And then, Hudson kicked and screamed all through the appointment. It was another one of those times that I had a sigh of relief when I got back to the car (but not before a mega fit in the parking lot over juice--the dentist said he had to wait 30 minutes to drink anything and you would have thought the world had ended). I'm glad we have another 6 months before we go back.

  • Thursday was back to school day! Hudson was so excited to be back in school and when he got there, he gave his best buddy Caleb such a big hug that they both fell over. It was so cute. Unfortunately (for me), Harrison got his first taste of school on Thursday too. I'm sad to report that I did cry despite my best attempts to hold it in! I did make it to the car though--barely. I remember sobbing in front of Hudson's teacher on his first day and then crying at work too, so I did a little better this time around! I was fine once I got to work. I had several meetings that I had to go to at work and so Harrison stayed most of the day. They said he did great though and I even got a text message with the picture below from his teacher around lunchtime that said, "Hey mom, I'm having a great day!" It made the day a little easier! Now, I'm going to enjoy the next week at home before going back for good on the 17th. Maybe I'll be ready then--probably not--but, I'm praying I at least don't cry again!

  • Harrison has decided to start waking up in the middle of the night again to eat. Not cool! He's done it the past two nights. I'm hoping it's just a growth spurt and it will pass in the next few days.

  • Last night, Hudson threw the biggest fit over having to eat one single green bean. I feel that is blogworthy because it was a lay on the floor, scream like a baby fit and all he had to do was eat one and we could go get ice cream. We're not striving for much here! I really thought the green bean was going to win and I was getting really upset about it because I really wanted to go get ice cream, but he finally gave in and gagged it down. How do you get your kids to eat veggies??? I feel like we've tried everything and he just won't eat them.

  • I know I've said this before, but Joel likes to make fun of Hudson when he says, "Mary has a wittle wamb." Well, the other night Joel asked Hudson what does Mary have, and Hudson replied, "Mary has a baby, and his name is Jesus, and he was born!" That shut Joel up real quick! Ha!

  • We do prayers with Hudson every night and he tells us who all he is thankful for. Most of the time, it's us and baby Harrison, and all the grandparents. One time it was Kobe (Carrie and Andres' dog). Last night, he went through the list and then said he had one more to thank. He said, "I want to thank God for Santa." :) Maybe he's getting over his fear of Santa after all!
  • He also told me last night that Mr. Peter Pan was going to fly through his window during the night on his motorcycle. Not sure where the motorcycle part came from...

  • This little guy has been working on holding his head up while doing tummy time. It's hard work, but he's doing great!

  • Tuesday, January 3, 2012

    Happy New Year!

    We spent New Year's weekend in Mentone this year with my family. As usual, it was such a good time and I think I appreciated it even more this year because it gave me a bit of a break. Help is good! I'm definitely re-energized and ready to start 2012 out good!

    We headed up there Thursday night and Friday, our little family went to Little River Falls. We've seen it many times before, but Joel and I got a new lense for our camera for Christmas and we wanted to try it out! Hudson loves seeing waterfalls too, so it was a fun trip out.

    Hudson's threatening to jump in!

    There was a group of kayakers getting ready to kayak the river so Hudson had so much fun watching them. Can you imagine kayaking off these falls??? I can't! They did have lots of padding on and of course wet suits, but they were still crazy. We had lunch at the Wildflower (YUM!) before heading back to the cabin for the afternoon.
    Friday night, I cooked dinner for the family and it actually turned out really good! I was worried because I'm a terrible cook and it's usually best for me to just pick something up than attempt to cook. But, I made shrimp and grits casserole (compliments of Cameron!), strawberry pretzel salad, and rolls. Soo yummy! It felt good to actually contribute something while we were there. I feel like Mom always does everything.

    Saturday was a beautiful day up there. It was sunny and very spring like! We headed out on a hike for the morning and then played with the other kids on the mountain on the Cam court until finally coming in to eat lunch around 1! It was such fun!

    More playing with the camera...(and no, that bird is nothing but a vulture!).

    I love this picture...

    And this one too! Of course, we are donned in our Auburn gear for the big game that night!

    Saturday night, Joel, Harrison, and I got on the gator and went on a ride to watch the sunset. We thought we could get a good view by going down the mountain some, but it didn't quite turn out that way. There was another mountain in the way! But, it was still pretty nonetheless!

    Sweet Harrison slept through the bumpy ride!

    Love the orange sky!
    We watched Auburn crush Virginia, which was so much fun! Auburn played the best they have played all year, so it was a good New Year's Eve!

    I wish I could report that we stayed up and rang in the new year at midnight, but we all went to bed right after the game. I know, lame us.

    I forgot to mention that Saturday morning, we also decorated New Year's hats. Mom thought would be fun for the kids to decorate hats for us all to wear on New Year's Day. It really was fun and they all turned out so cute! We did take a family picture, but it's on Trey's camera and I think he was so embarassed that we will probably never see it. I'm sure it's hilarious! So, we did celebrate New Year's some! And, we ate our pork loin, blackeyed peas and cornbread so we covered our bases!

    Here are some of the hats...

    After a big New Year's Day lunch that was absolutely delish, we headed down to the lake for a little while to see Joel's family. Of course, Hudson spent the entire time we were there on the gator and the four wheeler with Pops. He always has so much fun!
    On the way back to the cabin, Joel thought it would be fun to take us on the scenic route through Little River Canyon. Well, it happened to take an additional 2 hours and luckily, Joel had an old water bottle in the car that we could use to make a bottle or else it really would have been a long ride home! It was beautiful though and we got to see another waterfall on the way!

    It was a great and relaxing New Year's weekend!