Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

We spent New Year's weekend in Mentone this year with my family. As usual, it was such a good time and I think I appreciated it even more this year because it gave me a bit of a break. Help is good! I'm definitely re-energized and ready to start 2012 out good!

We headed up there Thursday night and Friday, our little family went to Little River Falls. We've seen it many times before, but Joel and I got a new lense for our camera for Christmas and we wanted to try it out! Hudson loves seeing waterfalls too, so it was a fun trip out.

Hudson's threatening to jump in!

There was a group of kayakers getting ready to kayak the river so Hudson had so much fun watching them. Can you imagine kayaking off these falls??? I can't! They did have lots of padding on and of course wet suits, but they were still crazy. We had lunch at the Wildflower (YUM!) before heading back to the cabin for the afternoon.
Friday night, I cooked dinner for the family and it actually turned out really good! I was worried because I'm a terrible cook and it's usually best for me to just pick something up than attempt to cook. But, I made shrimp and grits casserole (compliments of Cameron!), strawberry pretzel salad, and rolls. Soo yummy! It felt good to actually contribute something while we were there. I feel like Mom always does everything.

Saturday was a beautiful day up there. It was sunny and very spring like! We headed out on a hike for the morning and then played with the other kids on the mountain on the Cam court until finally coming in to eat lunch around 1! It was such fun!

More playing with the camera...(and no, that bird is nothing but a vulture!).

I love this picture...

And this one too! Of course, we are donned in our Auburn gear for the big game that night!

Saturday night, Joel, Harrison, and I got on the gator and went on a ride to watch the sunset. We thought we could get a good view by going down the mountain some, but it didn't quite turn out that way. There was another mountain in the way! But, it was still pretty nonetheless!

Sweet Harrison slept through the bumpy ride!

Love the orange sky!
We watched Auburn crush Virginia, which was so much fun! Auburn played the best they have played all year, so it was a good New Year's Eve!

I wish I could report that we stayed up and rang in the new year at midnight, but we all went to bed right after the game. I know, lame us.

I forgot to mention that Saturday morning, we also decorated New Year's hats. Mom thought would be fun for the kids to decorate hats for us all to wear on New Year's Day. It really was fun and they all turned out so cute! We did take a family picture, but it's on Trey's camera and I think he was so embarassed that we will probably never see it. I'm sure it's hilarious! So, we did celebrate New Year's some! And, we ate our pork loin, blackeyed peas and cornbread so we covered our bases!

Here are some of the hats...

After a big New Year's Day lunch that was absolutely delish, we headed down to the lake for a little while to see Joel's family. Of course, Hudson spent the entire time we were there on the gator and the four wheeler with Pops. He always has so much fun!
On the way back to the cabin, Joel thought it would be fun to take us on the scenic route through Little River Canyon. Well, it happened to take an additional 2 hours and luckily, Joel had an old water bottle in the car that we could use to make a bottle or else it really would have been a long ride home! It was beautiful though and we got to see another waterfall on the way!

It was a great and relaxing New Year's weekend!

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