Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tubes Date Set

I begged the nurse at Children's to get us into the ENT more quickly than the 26th and she came through for us and got us in today. We had to get Hudson's hearing checked first, which showed he has hearing loss in his left ear (it was very clear that he was not hearing certain sounds from that ear), and then 2 and a half hours later, the doctor came in (for all of 5 seconds) and told us we need to get round two of tubes and have his adenoids taken out too. Surprise, surprise. I wish I could have just called in and gotten them to schedule the surgery without having to miss work and go to that place for them to tell me what I already knew! Oh well!

Anyway, we are all set for Monday, January 30th (for now--may try to change it to a Thursday). I had hoped for a Friday so I wouldn't have to miss any more work, but the next Friday they had available was at the end of February and that could be at least two ear infections away from now so I took the first date I could get. I don't want this boy suffering any longer than he has to.

I'm going to hate having to send him back for surgery. It was different when he was a year old and didn't know what was going on. Now, he's fully aware and I'm preparing myself for a total meltdown (for the both of us!) when I have to hand him over. Not to mention, I'll probably be by myself because Joel will need to take care of Harrison! We'll get through it though. It's really minor and I know it will only take a few minutes and hopefully, we'll be done with ear infections for good! I know, I know, I said that the last time.

This is completely unrelated, but Hudson was outside and picked up a stick that looked like a gun and said he was shooting water at me. Where they learn this stuff, I do not know!

He even knows how to use it!

Please say a prayer for us on the 30th!

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