Sunday, January 15, 2012

Officially in the Crib

Thursday night was Harrison's first night in his crib and what do you know, he slept from 8-6 without waking! He did it again on Friday night. We thought we finally solved the sleeping problem. Unfortunately, last night he was up every THREE hours. He hasn't done that in forever. I'm so ready for his sleep to be consistent, especially as I start back to work this week! However, I still feel like a million bucks. I didn't realize how much his grunts and raspy breathing affected my sleep! It's nice not hearing that anymore, but on the other hand, when he's up every three hours, it's not fun trekking across the house and upstairs to get to him as quickly as you can before he wakes big brother up! And, I do really miss him being close to me. It's amazing how attached you can get! It had to happen sooner or later though and I'm sure we'll all adjust to it soon.

Don't be fooled, this picture was taken at around 8 am after he had gone back to sleep after his 6 am feeding, so he was in a really good mood at this point. Usually, he's screaming his head off until you get that bottle in his mouth!

I took some pictures after church today and there ended up being a bad glare on Harrison's head, so I put them in black and white and ended up really liking them. If only I had the time to really edit pictures that I take...I hardly have time to get them on the blog!

I can't leave our precious Hudson out. He won't let me take his picture much anymore, hence the reason that Harrison has been making the blog more than Hudson lately! We're counting down to his 3rd birthday in a little over a month. I've got most of his firetruck party planned and he's so excited about it. I shouldn't have mentioned it to him because every day he thinks it's his birthday (and we have until March 1st to wait!). He's still not potty trained and has absolutely no interest. We gave him big boy underwear (Toy Story of course!) for Christmas and he cried. I'm not going to push it, but I think he's terrified and I'm not sure how to get him over that. I'm just going to give it time for now.

He has really enjoyed working all 21 of his puzzles that he got for Christmas. He's just like his mama. We are puzzle people. He's really good at it too! He LOVES riding his new Jeep that Santa brought him for Christmas. I have yet to get a picture of him on it, but he is having fun with it. We are ready for some warmer weather though so we can spend more time outside.

Another thing he's into is sticks. And dirt. And puddles. And mud puddles. In his Sunday outfit of course.

I see a lot of this in our future...ha!

In Hudson's defense, he was only trying to give Harrison a hug!

And, a couple of I-Phone pics from the week. This little onesie from Aunt Carrie is so appropriate!

I'm going to miss seeing this sweet smile all day every day when I head back to work!

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