Monday, September 14, 2015

Catching Up...Again

The blog continues to die a slow death! I just cannot keep it updated like I used to! Anyway, here's what we have been up to the past few weeks:
I had a work trip to Chicago a few weeks ago. We ate some of the best food I have ever had, including this fabulous bacon appetizer at David Burke's Primehouse. My mouth is still watering over this! And the very expensive steak was amazing too. We worked some too, don't worry!
Our Sunday school class had an ice cream social at Serendipity Sweets. It was such fun! Here are some of the sweet kiddos...

Harrison has been riding this tricycle like crazy. Loves it. I believe it is time for him to have a bike! Good thing his birthday is in a couple of weeks!

 For Labor Day weekend, we went up to the cabin for a few days. Fresh mountain air and very little cell phone service makes for one relaxed vacation! Hudson rode his bike in circles for HOURS.

 And Harrison tried to mow him down with the John Deere. Typical Harrison fashion!

 We hiked one day and had a great time, except for the fact that I was terrified of seeing a snake the whole time! It was still a little warm for me to enjoy a good hike!

 Lunch at The Wildflower was a must!

 Of course we had to watch our Auburn Tigers play that afternoon. We are so glad football season is back even though our team hasn't figured that out yet.

 The flag on the mountain as about as flat as our football team, but still a pretty view!

 This was the next morning...

 We went down to the lake on Sunday for the day and of course the boys had to fish again. Joel bought the most disgusting worms (they were small snakes I think!). :)

 The boys hit the jackpot again on the fish and caught a bunch.

 We got one long boat ride in before the boat had some issues and had to be taken out of the water. No hot doggin' this trip! The boys were sad, but we'll have to wait until next summer!

 Crazy hair!

Hudson even got to paddle board with Allison! He loved it and she was a rockstar for not falling off with all his moving and shaking!
 We went to Nolan's 2nd birthday party on Saturday. It was so cute! It was construction themed and Abbey had gone all out! Our boys loved it. It was such a beautiful day to be outside!

 Yesterday it was back to the baseball field! Hudson is doing fall ball this year and it is the first time to hit from the pitching machine. They practiced for most of the time and then played an inning against the other team and Hudson got a hit! He was so proud of himself! It's definitely an adjustment. I was just happy he made contact with the ball! He sure does look cute!

This little boy told us that his girlfriend's name is Celia and she talks like Fruit Loops. Whatever that means! Ha! We have been proud of this little guy at his new school. He seems to be adjusting nicely and already has some  good buddies. He refuses to take a nap at school and already got his lovey sent home and asked not to return...but they say he is sweet and follows directions and is learning his letters, and he says he has fun everyday, so we are happy! He starts soccer on Thursday and absolutely cannot wait!

Happy Monday! Hopefully I'll be back soon!