Friday, February 19, 2016

Sweet Lilla Grace

Joel's brother Jordan and his wife Anna welcomed Lilla Grace on January 26th. We finally got a chance to go up to Nashville and see them and meet their sweet new addition last weekend. To say we were all smitten was an understatement! 

 The boys were obsessed with her! We were all fighting to hold her. They did so well and were so sweet to her. Harrison has come a long way in a year. When Rooney was born, he would not let me hold her at all because he got so jealous, and he sure wasn't going to hold her. But this time, he was all about it!
 Migi was there too and had to get a picture taken with all of her grandchildren! Such a sweet picture! After 3 sons and 2 grandsons, she finally got her a little girl!

 Poor Lilla was passed around all day and night and even the next morning! She was still in that sleep all the time mode and it was easy to pass her around, although I am sure that Jordan and Anna did not want her held that much. Oh well! They were sweet to let us! I never heard her cry...not one time. Of course this gave me major baby fever!!!

We were all watching a movie and Harrison wanted to hold Lilla and I caught him kissing her little hand. I hope she knows how much she is loved!

Now I just need all my nieces closer to me!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Upward Basketball

Hudson wrapped up basketball last weekend. He had such a great season this year. He loved every second of it and it was amazing to see how much better he got throughout the season. He had a great coach and his team was a precious group of boys that all got along so well. 

Of course he will tell you his favorite thing about basketball was getting a trophy at the end of the season! The league also gave all the boys a new basketball!

 My little lefty in action!
 Hudson's biggest cheerleader doing the downward dog!!?

 After the last game, they have a little party and his coach went around and said things about each player. It was so sweet and something that I know the boys will always remember!

 Sleeping with his ball!

We really enjoyed watching Hudson play this season. Can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Last Couple of Weeks in January

I'm playing catch up again! I have so many pictures that I need to get off my camera/phone and it's starting to get overwhelming!

We saw our first snow of the year in January. As you can see, it pretty much shut the town down! Ha! It still counts right?!?! They did let the schools out 30 minutes early...for this...

 The boys got the game Bean Boozled in their stockings this year and I do not know what Santa was thinking! We had so much fun playing this game, but we did have a trash can near by! Yikes...some of these were disgusting! Honestly, I'm not sure we had any good ones in our box! Worst by far were moldy cheese and barf...I'm still cringing just thinking about it! It provided so many laughs and squeals that night!

 Joel and I participated in bowling fundraiser for Hudson's school. Our team was the Wrecking Balls and we bowled with our neighbors. It was SO fun! We didn't win, but we had fun trying!

Lilla Grace was born 3 weeks early on January 26th! More on Lilla to come, but she is PRECIOUS!

 Hudson celebrated the 101st day of school and had to put 101 things on a hat. These kinds of things are my worst nightmare, but I thought we did ok with our pipe cleaner mohawk!

 They did a parade around their school and it was such a fun morning!

Joel's birthday was on the 28th. Since he is on a gluten free diet now he has not had any sweets in a really long time. I found a gluten free bakery in Inverness and it was one of the best cakes we have ever had!

 I celebrated one of my last Fridays off for a while with Harrison in Irondale watching trains. It's still one of his favorite things to do.

 We had dentist appointments...
 I mean, total relaxation at the dentist office here! :) He was cracking me up.

 Then he ended up at the doctor over the weekend with busted ear drums. Poor buddy was feeling AWFUL, but still smiling!
 We finally got the zip line set up and it is a huge hit! It looks a little crazy in our fly over the driveway, through 2 crepe myrtles, over the slide on the swing set, and down through the yard. It's quite the obstacle course!

 These boys have the sweetest relationship. Yes, they fight, but they would much rather be together than be apart any day!

The snaggletooth grin is quickly going away...can't believe he is almost SEVEN!

And that pretty much wrapped up January!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mercedes Kids Marathon

Yesterday, Hudson ran in the Mercedes Kids Marathon. He ran in it last year and has been talking about doing it again ever since. Even 30 degree weather couldn't convince him not to do it again! :) It was quite chilly to say the least. 

We met up with friends as soon as we got there. These boys were SO excited!

We got there and had to stand in a mosh pit for about 25 minutes before it was time for 1st grade to go. I wasn't sure we were all going to survive that! I guess the only positive was that all those people in one little spot kept us warm!

Finally, off they went! Hudson is on the far right of the picture below. They were sprinting!!!

 We watched him start and then made our way to the finish line to see him finish up.

 He ran the mile in a little over 9 minutes, which we thought was great! I'm pretty sure I couldn't run it that fast! He and his buddies stayed together the entire time and it sounds like they had a lot of fun along the way!

 Our friend Heather accidentally took this shot of her son William (in front) and then Hudson, Wyatt and Haines were in it too!

He was so proud of his medal! 

I guess this will be a tradition now! He loved every second of it! Thank goodness it was a sunny day!