Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Last Couple of Weeks in January

I'm playing catch up again! I have so many pictures that I need to get off my camera/phone and it's starting to get overwhelming!

We saw our first snow of the year in January. As you can see, it pretty much shut the town down! Ha! It still counts right?!?! They did let the schools out 30 minutes early...for this...

 The boys got the game Bean Boozled in their stockings this year and I do not know what Santa was thinking! We had so much fun playing this game, but we did have a trash can near by! Yikes...some of these were disgusting! Honestly, I'm not sure we had any good ones in our box! Worst by far were moldy cheese and barf...I'm still cringing just thinking about it! It provided so many laughs and squeals that night!

 Joel and I participated in bowling fundraiser for Hudson's school. Our team was the Wrecking Balls and we bowled with our neighbors. It was SO fun! We didn't win, but we had fun trying!

Lilla Grace was born 3 weeks early on January 26th! More on Lilla to come, but she is PRECIOUS!

 Hudson celebrated the 101st day of school and had to put 101 things on a hat. These kinds of things are my worst nightmare, but I thought we did ok with our pipe cleaner mohawk!

 They did a parade around their school and it was such a fun morning!

Joel's birthday was on the 28th. Since he is on a gluten free diet now he has not had any sweets in a really long time. I found a gluten free bakery in Inverness and it was one of the best cakes we have ever had!

 I celebrated one of my last Fridays off for a while with Harrison in Irondale watching trains. It's still one of his favorite things to do.

 We had dentist appointments...
 I mean, total relaxation at the dentist office here! :) He was cracking me up.

 Then he ended up at the doctor over the weekend with busted ear drums. Poor buddy was feeling AWFUL, but still smiling!
 We finally got the zip line set up and it is a huge hit! It looks a little crazy in our backyard...you fly over the driveway, through 2 crepe myrtles, over the slide on the swing set, and down through the yard. It's quite the obstacle course!

 These boys have the sweetest relationship. Yes, they fight, but they would much rather be together than be apart any day!

The snaggletooth grin is quickly going away...can't believe he is almost SEVEN!

And that pretty much wrapped up January!

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