Friday, February 16, 2018


We spent Thanksgiving with Joel's family at the lake this year. It was a beautiful day and we ate ourselves silly. The boys played a lot of football outside and ran around the entire time. It was a perfect time and we can't wait to spend lots of weekends there this summer when the new house is finished!  
We tried to take a family picture, but my kids were NOT having it. It's a little far away anyway!

 What could be better?!?
Sadly, that was the extent of my picture taking on Thanksgiving. I don't know how I did not get a picture of all the food! And we played a fun game where we had teams and were given a nursery rhyme and we had to sing a song about the lake. Our song was I've Been Working on the Railroad" and our lyrics were about working on the lake house and it taking FOREVER long to finish. It was hilarious and we most definitely won! :)

Later on that afternoon, we headed to my parent's cabin. They graciously waited on us this year and we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Friday up there. So, we got two Thanksgivings this year! Not that my waistline needed that, but it sure was good!

Friday afternoon, my parents took us to a farm that one of their friends owns. It was such a fun afternoon. We started out feeding their chickens.

The reason why we went is because the people that own the farm raise peacocks, and they had laid some eggs that were to hatch at any moment. They thought they would have hatched by the time that we got there so we were really looking forward to seeing some baby peacocks. However, when we went in the cage, there were a couple of broken eggs and one that hadn't hatched yet, and they decided that they probably weren't going to end up being viable eggs. Boo! But, it was still fun. The boys were IN the cage with the big peacocks and the peacocks started flipping out. It was kind of a crazy few moments there trying to get the boys out! :)

 They had a cute little barn that we walked through and took some pictures.

 My sister and sister in law! :)
 The boys were all over the hay bales!

Then we went to see their cows. There were several baby cows that the boys wanted to go pet, but the mama cows just wouldn't have us getting close this time! We did get to see several cows "playing twister" as Morgan called it, so that was fun explaining (or NOT explaining!) that to the kids, haha!

We stayed the rest of the weekend and had a wonderful time!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

November Happenings

Life was so busy this fall that it took until mid November to get down to Auburn for a game. We picked a good day to go though! It was such a beautiful day! We had to get some pictures in front of Samford Hall.

Thankfully some sweet family offered to take a picture of the 4 of us! We of course then returned the favor!
The boys were so excited to be there for a game. I'm hoping we'll get to more next fall!
They tried really hard to get on the jumbo tron, but no luck this year!

Out of all the games we've taken the boys to, we've never gone to roll Toomer's Corner afterwards. We decided to go this game and the boys got to throw a few rolls. They had fun!

We also celebrated Rooney turning 3 in November! She had a unicorn party at the park and it was so cute!

I volunteered to go with Harrison's class to the McWane Center. I knew better than to do that, but I did it anyways and felt like I needed a bottle of wine afterwards. Phew. I had 4 kids I had to keep up with and that was next to impossible. They had fun though!

We also experienced some sadness in November as well. I found out I was pregnant in October and then went for my 9 week check up in November only to find that the baby was right where it should be, but had no heartbeat. It was devastating...but everything happens for a reason and I know that it was just not meant to be. We didn't really tell anyone, but I do want it on the blog so I can go back one day and eventually tell the boys about their baby brother/sister that we lost (they don't know of course) and remember where we were in life when it happened--my memory is struggling these days! I can tell you that it was going to be one loved baby though! They had been asking for years to have one! :)

Next up, was bittersweet this year with everything going on, but we made some good memories anyway!


Halloween started with Harrison receiving a character award at school! Go Harrison!
Harrison wanted to be Iron Man this year and Hudson really didn't want to be anything! He was not all into getting dressed up this year. I didn't realize we were already getting to that point, but maybe we are. He finally decided he wanted to be something creepy. I cannot stand the scary costumes and swore MY kids would never wear them on Halloween. Oh well. At least he was in a costume!
We walked over to a friend's house in the neighborhood for food and drinks beforehand. The kids were insane and ready to get going! Hudson was a little mad that we were with Harrison's buds this year, but I had to remind him that the last 3 Halloweens were spent with his friends! Anyway, he found some buddies along the way and all was well.

 SPRINTING from house to house. The parents could not keep up.

 They were so sweaty that night.

 Hudson found his match! This house has a haunted house in their yard every fun!

I have to say that the trick or treating for my kids lasted about an hour and they were DONE. They like handing out the candy just as much, if not more, than trick or treating! I was fine with that too! Our new neighborhood was definitely hopping for Halloween and it was so fun!

Sunday, February 4, 2018


October was filled with flag football, baseball, and Halloween. I'll do Halloween night on a separate post, but we did do Boo at the Zoo with Carrie and Rooney earlier in the month. Every year I say we aren't going to go, but then we go, and it's so much fun! The kids love it. 
 Harrison and Rooney are posing like the statue!

 I love this picture of Joel and the boys!

Equally loving this picture of Carrie and Rooney! They are way more stylish than I could ever dream of being!

Baseball ended with a tournament on the most freezing weekend of the year. Literally, our bodies were numb. All the blankets and hats and gloves did nothing! And BOTH boys kept winning and winning (which was very unexpected!) and so we just had to suffer through it! It was one of those things where you kind of just wanted them to lose so you could go home, but the kids wanted to win so badly that you wanted that for them too. They did great and we had 2 championship games. Unfortunately, neither one went our way, but it was a good try! That was an 8 hour baseball day and Joel and I were split for it. I was with Harrison, so I got several pictures of his team, but of course daddies aren't as keen on taking pictures so we don't have any of Hudson's. Oh well!

This was the first year that we did not make it to a pumpkin patch. Harrison got to go with his class, but the rest of us didn't. So we settled for a grocery store pumpkin. :( The boys did not seem to care as much as I did about that! I guess they are growing up. Anyway, we only got one and both boys wanted to do their own face on the pumpkin, so we just had to have one pumpkin with faces on each side. It was pretty cute. (We do NOT try to go all pintresty on pumpkins by the way--these are the boys actual designs and I think they're great!)

Next up, Halloween!

50th Day of School

I had to share these cute pictures from Harrison's 50th day of Kindergarten way, way back in October. How precious are these kiddos?!?
These friends were all from preschool. So happy that Charlie James' mom is a 1st grader teacher and was able to capture these pictures for me!
 How funny are they with their "mean" faces?!?

 Harrison's slicked back hair didn't last too long that morning, but we tried! :)

We are now 100 days into Kindergarten and Harrison still LOVES every second of it!