Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Halloween started with Harrison receiving a character award at school! Go Harrison!
Harrison wanted to be Iron Man this year and Hudson really didn't want to be anything! He was not all into getting dressed up this year. I didn't realize we were already getting to that point, but maybe we are. He finally decided he wanted to be something creepy. I cannot stand the scary costumes and swore MY kids would never wear them on Halloween. Oh well. At least he was in a costume!
We walked over to a friend's house in the neighborhood for food and drinks beforehand. The kids were insane and ready to get going! Hudson was a little mad that we were with Harrison's buds this year, but I had to remind him that the last 3 Halloweens were spent with his friends! Anyway, he found some buddies along the way and all was well.

 SPRINTING from house to house. The parents could not keep up.

 They were so sweaty that night.

 Hudson found his match! This house has a haunted house in their yard every year...so fun!

I have to say that the trick or treating for my kids lasted about an hour and they were DONE. They like handing out the candy just as much, if not more, than trick or treating! I was fine with that too! Our new neighborhood was definitely hopping for Halloween and it was so fun!

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