Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Making the Most of the End of Summer

The past two weeks have been busy! We've been having fun and trying to make the most of the last bit of summer we have. Two weeks from yesterday, Hudson will start Kindergarten! His last day of preschool is tomorrow...I cannot believe it. But, I think he is ready and he has started to act really excited when we talk about Kindergarten and doesn't seem the least bit sad about tomorrow being his last day with his current friends. Maybe he doesn't really understand what's really happening?!?!?
I took the boys to see Planes 2. It was Harrison's first movie experience and he LOVED it. Every time the previews come on TV now, he talks about how we saw it at the movie "theodore". He sat through the whole thing. I was so shocked. We all loved the movie though. I highly recommend going to see it!

 We went up to Mentone for the weekend too. Of all the pretty weekends we have had this summer, this was not one of them. It rained a lot, but it wasn't hard rain, just that annoying misty stuff. It didn't hinder our fun though. They were having a big art show in Mentone and were having a fundraiser for the Humane Society and did a pet parade. It was quite possibly one of the funniest things I have ever been to. "Pets" in Mentone take on a whole new meaning. It wasn't just your dog and was horses, chickens, goats, llamas...crazy stuff. The boys were in heaven!

 Hudson walked with Big Daddy for the parade and was so proud!

 Harrison went with Big Mama! Joel and I just watched and laughed.

 The dogs got ribbons (which my boys wore ALL weekend and to school the next week), and Phoebe won the prize for "Best in Black" and Franny won the prize for "the smallest head". So, so funny.

 My parents bought the boys a fun new riding toy! I should also mention that it was COLD up there! I had to go buy pants and jackets for them to wear for the night concert events.

Hudson received putting lessons from my dad. I don't think my dad anticipated having to stand there for AN HOUR teaching him. He was obsessed with it. I guess maybe we need to get this boy in some golf lessons!
This past weekend, I got to go on a girls trip to the beach! The girls from Sunday school with kids going into kindergarten decided it would be fun to go commiserate together for the weekend. It was SO fun and relaxing and it was a great place to go and recharge. We stayed in Seagrove at Margaret's aunt's condo on the beach and it was just perfect. We stayed up until 1:30 am every single night (I'm still paying for it!), but it was so good for the soul! We just could not stop talking and hanging out! We pretty much had to make ourselves go to bed! And I won't even begin to explain how nice it was to just SIT on the beach and do nothing all day long. It's been a really long time since I've gotten to do that! Beach trips with kids are not quite the same! Ha! Different kind of fun though...

We are closing on our new house on Friday (yippee!!!), although we won't be moving in for another 3 weeks or so. We are refinishing the hardwood floors first. In the meantime, we are going to move over to Joel's parents house so we can be closer to school (really worried about having to get Hudson to school by 7:45!). Carrie's coming into town Friday for the week, AND, the boys and I and Carrie and Andres are potentially making one last beach trip before the craziness of school starts. Lots going on in the Reed house!

Oh and I almost forgot...TODAY is our 9th anniversary! Happy Anniversary to us! We will be celebrating at church tonight with dinner and the movie Frozen (for the kids obviously!). So romantic! Ha!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Brewery Tour and Lake Fun

Friday night, a bunch of couples from our Sunday school class went on a brewery tour! :) We had more fun telling people we were a Sunday school class! Ha! And ironically, the first person we met at the Cahaba Brewery was a pastor. It was so funny. Anyway, we took a bus from the church to Avondale, where we learned all about how the beer is made and had 3 tastings. I'm sure the tour was interesting (Joel said it was), but I had more fun running my mouth and spending an evening out with fun friends! We don't get to do this very often.
 Then we went to the Cahaba brewery. I think originally, we were supposed to hit Good People as well, but us old folks couldn't stay out all night! We had such a fun time!

 I should have also mentioned that Joel and I tried out the new BAM Sports Grill in Cahaba Heights since we had a kid free afternoon/evening, and it was great! We definitely recommend it!

The Reed's took the boys to the lake Friday afternoon and we joined them Saturday. Pops bought a new kayak and we had more fun paddling around on it.

 Well, some of us liked it more than others...

 And we went on a couple of really long boat rides. Nothing better!

 Loved the sunset!

We were dying at the kids' hair after the boat ride.

As we left, Hudson proclaimed, "This is the most awesome place ever!" It really is a little boys dream.

We had a great weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July

For the first time ever on the 4th, we headed down to Seagrove for the parade. I have no idea why we've never done this! We won't miss it again though! Such fun! We sat right in front of Seagrove V and it was great.

The weather could not have been more perfect. Not a cloud in sight and it was actually on the cool side for July, with a great breeze!

 Patiently waiting for the parade to start (in the middle of the street!). Don't worry, the street was blocked off!

 We were ready in our red, white, and blue!

 Attempt at a family picture!

Somebody was REALLY excited.

Harrison racked up on beads. He put every one of them on that he caught! We thought he looked like Mr. T!
And even stole some of Hudson's...
 After the parade, we headed back to the condo where we had the annual 4th of July parade there.

And then it was time for races! This picture below cracks me up. Both boys were not paying one bit of attention and they are still standing on the starting line while everyone else is going! They apparently did not get my competitiveness.

 Then it was time to cover Daddy in shaving cream! They LOVED this!

 Do you see the water in the background? Wow, it was beautiful! And so calm too!

 Then it was back to the pool for more swimming.

 And beach time too!
 That night, Sand Cliffs had a pot luck cookout. There was a band and a piƱata for the kids. Such a beautiful view. I tried to get some pictures of the boys. Love the silly faces!

 And one (I repeat, ONE, out of 5,000) was decent.

 Maybe two turned out ok...

 They had red, white, and blue glowstick necklaces for the kids too! They really thought of everything!

 And then we settled in for the fireworks show, which was fabulous!

 It was a long day...the boys didn't go to sleep until almost 10! What a fun 4th it was though.

Saturday was our last full day. We started out the day at the splash pad at Alys.

And ended it with dinner at Louis Louis. We always do Red Bar, but with the crowds, I just didn't want to get in the mix this week. Louis Louis did not disappoint though!

 We went early to avoid crowds, so we got back in plenty of time to do one last trip to the beach.

 Photo credits to Hudson Reed, 5 years old!

 Someone had to take another bath because he covered himself with sand...

 Love this happy picture!

It was a great week at the beach. We already can't wait to go back!