Monday, July 14, 2014

Brewery Tour and Lake Fun

Friday night, a bunch of couples from our Sunday school class went on a brewery tour! :) We had more fun telling people we were a Sunday school class! Ha! And ironically, the first person we met at the Cahaba Brewery was a pastor. It was so funny. Anyway, we took a bus from the church to Avondale, where we learned all about how the beer is made and had 3 tastings. I'm sure the tour was interesting (Joel said it was), but I had more fun running my mouth and spending an evening out with fun friends! We don't get to do this very often.
 Then we went to the Cahaba brewery. I think originally, we were supposed to hit Good People as well, but us old folks couldn't stay out all night! We had such a fun time!

 I should have also mentioned that Joel and I tried out the new BAM Sports Grill in Cahaba Heights since we had a kid free afternoon/evening, and it was great! We definitely recommend it!

The Reed's took the boys to the lake Friday afternoon and we joined them Saturday. Pops bought a new kayak and we had more fun paddling around on it.

 Well, some of us liked it more than others...

 And we went on a couple of really long boat rides. Nothing better!

 Loved the sunset!

We were dying at the kids' hair after the boat ride.

As we left, Hudson proclaimed, "This is the most awesome place ever!" It really is a little boys dream.

We had a great weekend!

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