Monday, October 1, 2018

June 2018

The first 10 days of June were baseball, baseball, and more baseball! I think we played just about every day in this stretch!

Harrison's team made it to the championship game and lost. It was a fun time though!

 They all got their first bling! No clue where that bling is today though...why does it have to be so little!

Everyone requests sunglasses at the dentist, right? Because this light is so bright? That's what I though. Haha, high maintenance Mr. Hollywood gets his teeth cleaned!

We FINALLY got to go to the beach!!! The first weekend after baseball we headed down to see the new house. It is amazing!!! First up was donuts of course...

We honestly had pretty terrible weather that first trip, but that was fine. We were just happy to have nothing to do for a few days! The ocean was pretty angry the whole time!

 Of course we had to hit up the Red Bar.

And did some night crabbing...Harrison looks thrilled. I really don't think we caught anything sadly!

Sleep was very important, Hudson didn't even want the tooth fairy to bother him!

 We did some convertible riding at the beach. The boys thought it was awesome!

 Sweetest picture award...and sweetest cousins.
 Back to reality and back to life with our crazy neighbors!

 Migi took the boys and I to see Beauty and the Beast! It was great!

 More fun with neighbors...
 This just made me crack up so hard...Hudson was putting on ALL the old costumes. Don't think this one still fits buddy! :)

 We had the best morning at the zoo! We had not been in a while and all had a blast.

 We followed it up with a trip to Davenport's for that was a big hit too. Love my summer days with these boys!

Joel's parents sold their home and it was a sad night! We went back over there to take a few last pictures. They were only a couple of blocks from us and had been there since Joel was 12 or a LONG time. Lots of memories there. Including us living there twice with them, haha!

June was a fun month!