Sunday, February 4, 2018


October was filled with flag football, baseball, and Halloween. I'll do Halloween night on a separate post, but we did do Boo at the Zoo with Carrie and Rooney earlier in the month. Every year I say we aren't going to go, but then we go, and it's so much fun! The kids love it. 
 Harrison and Rooney are posing like the statue!

 I love this picture of Joel and the boys!

Equally loving this picture of Carrie and Rooney! They are way more stylish than I could ever dream of being!

Baseball ended with a tournament on the most freezing weekend of the year. Literally, our bodies were numb. All the blankets and hats and gloves did nothing! And BOTH boys kept winning and winning (which was very unexpected!) and so we just had to suffer through it! It was one of those things where you kind of just wanted them to lose so you could go home, but the kids wanted to win so badly that you wanted that for them too. They did great and we had 2 championship games. Unfortunately, neither one went our way, but it was a good try! That was an 8 hour baseball day and Joel and I were split for it. I was with Harrison, so I got several pictures of his team, but of course daddies aren't as keen on taking pictures so we don't have any of Hudson's. Oh well!

This was the first year that we did not make it to a pumpkin patch. Harrison got to go with his class, but the rest of us didn't. So we settled for a grocery store pumpkin. :( The boys did not seem to care as much as I did about that! I guess they are growing up. Anyway, we only got one and both boys wanted to do their own face on the pumpkin, so we just had to have one pumpkin with faces on each side. It was pretty cute. (We do NOT try to go all pintresty on pumpkins by the way--these are the boys actual designs and I think they're great!)

Next up, Halloween!

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