Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mercedes Kids Marathon

Yesterday, Hudson ran in the Mercedes Kids Marathon. He ran in it last year and has been talking about doing it again ever since. Even 30 degree weather couldn't convince him not to do it again! :) It was quite chilly to say the least. 

We met up with friends as soon as we got there. These boys were SO excited!

We got there and had to stand in a mosh pit for about 25 minutes before it was time for 1st grade to go. I wasn't sure we were all going to survive that! I guess the only positive was that all those people in one little spot kept us warm!

Finally, off they went! Hudson is on the far right of the picture below. They were sprinting!!!

 We watched him start and then made our way to the finish line to see him finish up.

 He ran the mile in a little over 9 minutes, which we thought was great! I'm pretty sure I couldn't run it that fast! He and his buddies stayed together the entire time and it sounds like they had a lot of fun along the way!

 Our friend Heather accidentally took this shot of her son William (in front) and then Hudson, Wyatt and Haines were in it too!

He was so proud of his medal! 

I guess this will be a tradition now! He loved every second of it! Thank goodness it was a sunny day!

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