Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekly Tidbits

I just wanted to jot down a few random tidbits from our week.
  • On Tuesday, I took Hudson to his first movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks. He is obsessed with the other two Alvin and the Chipmunks movies, so I knew this one would be a hit, and it was! He loved everything from the movie to the popcorn to his first coke. What a treat it was! He did think it was too loud to begin with, but after he got used to it, it was fine. He was pretty quiet and sat still for most of the time. He did get a little fidgety towards the end and started climbing on all the seats in our row, but he was quiet and kept one eye on the movie at all times! Luckily, there was not a ton of people in there. It was a big success and I can't wait to take him to more movies.

  • On Wednesday, Hudson had a dentist appointment. I was dreading it because of how the previous dentist appointments have gone, and this was no exception. We started the appointment by Hudson falling backwards out of a waiting room chair and landing on his back (his head landed on a stuffed animal that was laying on the floor--phew!) while I was signing in and trying to get Harrison a bottle (of course, he had to be hungry right at appointment time!). And then, Hudson kicked and screamed all through the appointment. It was another one of those times that I had a sigh of relief when I got back to the car (but not before a mega fit in the parking lot over juice--the dentist said he had to wait 30 minutes to drink anything and you would have thought the world had ended). I'm glad we have another 6 months before we go back.

  • Thursday was back to school day! Hudson was so excited to be back in school and when he got there, he gave his best buddy Caleb such a big hug that they both fell over. It was so cute. Unfortunately (for me), Harrison got his first taste of school on Thursday too. I'm sad to report that I did cry despite my best attempts to hold it in! I did make it to the car though--barely. I remember sobbing in front of Hudson's teacher on his first day and then crying at work too, so I did a little better this time around! I was fine once I got to work. I had several meetings that I had to go to at work and so Harrison stayed most of the day. They said he did great though and I even got a text message with the picture below from his teacher around lunchtime that said, "Hey mom, I'm having a great day!" It made the day a little easier! Now, I'm going to enjoy the next week at home before going back for good on the 17th. Maybe I'll be ready then--probably not--but, I'm praying I at least don't cry again!

  • Harrison has decided to start waking up in the middle of the night again to eat. Not cool! He's done it the past two nights. I'm hoping it's just a growth spurt and it will pass in the next few days.

  • Last night, Hudson threw the biggest fit over having to eat one single green bean. I feel that is blogworthy because it was a lay on the floor, scream like a baby fit and all he had to do was eat one and we could go get ice cream. We're not striving for much here! I really thought the green bean was going to win and I was getting really upset about it because I really wanted to go get ice cream, but he finally gave in and gagged it down. How do you get your kids to eat veggies??? I feel like we've tried everything and he just won't eat them.

  • I know I've said this before, but Joel likes to make fun of Hudson when he says, "Mary has a wittle wamb." Well, the other night Joel asked Hudson what does Mary have, and Hudson replied, "Mary has a baby, and his name is Jesus, and he was born!" That shut Joel up real quick! Ha!

  • We do prayers with Hudson every night and he tells us who all he is thankful for. Most of the time, it's us and baby Harrison, and all the grandparents. One time it was Kobe (Carrie and Andres' dog). Last night, he went through the list and then said he had one more to thank. He said, "I want to thank God for Santa." :) Maybe he's getting over his fear of Santa after all!
  • He also told me last night that Mr. Peter Pan was going to fly through his window during the night on his motorcycle. Not sure where the motorcycle part came from...

  • This little guy has been working on holding his head up while doing tummy time. It's hard work, but he's doing great!

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