Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Wrap Up

I realized I had even more pictures from this summer that never made it to the blog.
One Wednesday night at church was Frozen night. We ate dinner and they had Frozen crafts, and of course pictures with Elsa, and then they showed the movie. My boys LOVE this movie (Harrison is really OBSESSED with it). So much that we are going to see Frozen on Ice in Nashville in about a month! Can't wait! And P.S., it was not originally coming to Birmingham at all so that's why we bought tickets in Nashville (and Joel's brother lives there so we needed to go visit), BUT, they are coming to Birmingham in May and tickets go on sale in November! We may be going twice!
 Harrison was doing some sweeping at Migi's one early Saturday morning. I have probably mentioned this, but we did close on our new house and we are having some work done before we move in, so we moved out of my parent's house and into my inlaws house for a few weeks. One, my parents needed their house back when Carrie came into town, and two, my inlaws house is close to Hudson's elementary school so it has been better for us in the mornings. We were hoping to move in next weekend, but that seems to be pushed back some...we are so ready to be in our own space, but thankful our families have let us crash at their houses!

 We celebrated the August birthdays...Mama Jean, Carrie, and me!

The boys and I crashed Carrie and Andres' babymoon at the beach for a few days! They claim they didn't mind and had fun, but it was loud and crazy.

 I caught a crab! Woo hoo!
 Hudson was very proud of the crab and we kept him in a bucket for a whole day before I finally convinced Hudson to let him go back in the ocean.

 The water was the clearest I have ever seen at the beach. And, there were no waves, so the boys loved getting in it (finally). Now, we still spent most of our time at the pool, but maybe next summer we can spend even more time at the actual beach!

 We went to the Red Bar for Carrie's birthday. I'm glad we celebrated big on this night, because we tried to go out to celebrate for my birthday the next night and had to leave a restaurant because Harrison was crying so badly. Happy Birthday to me! Ha!

 It was a great few days at the beach, and then we came home to find Hudson's cape on the mailbox at the new house! Kindergarten is "super"! He was so very excited!

 And then Harrison started back the school year and on the first day, we had this note home...

I'm happy to report that we dodged it! :)

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