Thursday, December 28, 2017

September Update

September was filled with extracurricular activities! We were super busy all of the time. Harrison played fall ball in the 6 year old coach pitch league. He did great and hit lots of home runs. It was exciting!

Hudson got his 3rd grade Bible at church. It was a special day.

 More baseball. Both boys were fun to watch this fall!

 I got to sneak away for a little weekend at the beach and it was glorious!!!

Harrison played flag football this fall in addition to baseball. It made for a crazy schedule for him, but he LOVED it. His team went undefeated! They were the Vikings and each week, one player got the "Viking of the Week" award. Harrison scored a touchdown and pulled several flags on his week. He was so excited.

Hudson is doing Cub Scouts again this year and one weekend, Joel and Hudson had a camp out in Mentone. We got up there in time to eat lunch at The Wildflower before Joel and Hudson headed to the camp out, and Harrison and I went to hang with Big Mama and Big Daddy at the cabin for a night! Win win for all!!!

 Lilla won for biggest cheerleader this fall!

Hudson had several friends this year play tackle football and so we went and watched a game. His best buddy Wyatt was there too and they had on matching Cam jerseys! Of course now Hudson wants to play tackle football, but that's a battle we'll fight another day!

Harrison had a very special Mystery Reader one day...his big brother! What a fun time we all had! Hudson did a great job reading to the Kindergarteners!

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