Monday, October 28, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

One of the few things we had on the agenda on Saturday was to carve our pumpkins. Hudson loves getting all the seeds out and even Harrison got in on the action too! They loved having their own pumpkin and made sure to let us know whose pumpkin belonged to who! Harrison kept saying, "That pumpkin mines!"

 We don't do elaborate pumpkin faces in this house. It just takes too long. Triangle eyes are good enough for me! Wait, I should say good enough for Joel because he is our expert carver!

 I love these next two of Harrison. He was being such a silly boy!

 And then we had to go put them on the stairs and light them up! (and all I see in this picture is the fact that we REALLY need to pressure wash our front steps--geez they look horrid!)

More fun activities this week, starting last night with Trunk or Treat! Pictures to come eventually! We are making the most out of Halloween this year! If you don't hear from me until Thanksgiving, you know I am partied out! :)

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