Sunday, October 6, 2013

VH National Night Out

Last Tuesday night, our church hosted the Vestavia Hills National Night Out. It was such a fun event for our community! There was a fire truck, police cars, helicopter, a hot air balloon, bouncies, and even pony rides. The policemen gave out a lot of neat things to the kids, and even brought the police dogs for the kids to see. The boys had a blast playing with their friends and were both throwing fits when we said it was time to go home--sign of a good night! Oh and it didn't hurt that the evening could not have been more perfect for a night out!
 Could he be any happier???
The hot air balloon was really neat! I have never been up close to one of these and was shocked by how huge it was! The boys got to watch them inflate it, and then they let the kids get in the basket. It didn't go up or anything, but it was just fun to see!

Hudson loved "flying" the helicopter! It was the Children's Hospital helicopter. We hope to never have to really ride in it, but it was pretty cool to get that close to a real helicopter.

 There was even a fire safety house where the kids went in and watched a short video on fire safety and then got to leave the house via a slide. They loved that too!

I'm not sure why I have no pictures of Harrison, but he was there too! His favorite part by far was the blue ice cream. :)

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