Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I'm just going to wrap up the Halloween festivities in one post. Lots of pictures here.
Wednesday night, we headed to a church in our neighborhood for their fall festival. We had always heard it was fun, and it did not disappoint! It was extra crowded though because I think everyone was afraid that Halloween night would be rained out.
Hudson loves to have his face painted, so this was one of the first things we did. He wanted a pirate face and I thought this was so cute!  
One of the things they had was this tower below that you had to climb up to the top and then there was a big inflatable slide once you got to the top. We never thought Hudson would be able to do it, but he was determined. It had about 5 different levels that he had to lift himself up through (each level was woven to where you had to squeeze through each square and pull yourself up to the next level). I'm not even sure I could have done it! It takes a good bit of arm strength. Hudson did it though! We were super proud of him. He beat a lot of the older kids up there!

 And here he is at the bottom! All of these pictures are a little blurry.

Harrison spent the majority of the night crying. When we got there, they handed out candy bags and Harrison just wanted to load up on candy. We had to draw the line somewhere and he was not happy about it. He's also getting some teeth and was tired, so overall it was just a rotten night for him. He did finally perk up and decided that he might just like the small child inflatable about 30 minutes from when it was time to leave. It was not a pretty sight when we told him it was time to go home! Good thing we only live 5 minutes away because it was a loud ride home!

 Thursday morning, the kids had their Halloween parade and parties at school. Hudson decided he wanted to be a Transformer, and Harrison wanted to be Spiderman. I love this picture below!

 Harrison's class got to sit and watch the parade this year. Next year, they will participate! They were all so good sitting here waiting patiently!

Harrison's sweet friends!
The parade finally started and the 4's were the last to come through. Hard to believe this is the last year in preschool for Hudson.

He would not wear his mask (which so happened to be the second mask we had gotten him to wear because the first one just didn't work). Ugh!

 Then, it was party time! Can you tell Hudson was a bit excited!?!?!
Hudson has a crazy teacher that allows the boys to sit together and the girls to sit together. She swears it is the only way they behave...I don't believe that for a second! Ha!

 Then, it was on to Harrison's party! What a difference a year makes. Last year, if the parents came, the kids were crying the entire time because they knew their parents would leave them. This year, they just enjoyed it! I was actually planning to take Harrison home with me when I left, but his teachers had told them they were going outside after they ate, and Harrison gave me a big ole "NO" when I told him it was time to leave! So, I left him there for a little while! Makes me happy to know he enjoys being there now! Hudson wanted to stay too!

Finally, night time came and with the threat of rain, the neighborhood decided to start early, which was fine with us anyway! The kids picked what they wanted to wear, and this time, it was Batman and a cow!
 Harrison is hugging the cat! I'm going to be sad not to hear him say "back cat bow up" every single day (black cat blow up!). He loved to plug that thing in and watch it move!

 Harrison caught on fast! He and Hudson ran from house to house and did not want to stop! Harrison said "Twick Tweat" and "Appy Ween" at each house. It was so cute!

 The kids were a little afraid of the big spiders at this front door...
 Terrified...(and of course I had to get it on camera!).
 We have loved this house's decorations this year!

 Look who we found! Pops and Migi joined us!

 We probably hit 20 houses and then called it quits. The kids were sweaty and Hudson was begging to go to our house and hand out candy, which he loves equally as much as getting it himself! He took care of filling all of our trick or treaters buckets! It was so fun!

What a fun end to Halloween! The rain did finally come around 7, but we were pretty much done anyway! Halloween has been fun, but now we are ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!

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