Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Birthday PJ and Last Soccer Game

We headed up to the lake Friday afternoon. The boys were super excited about going. I was actually sort of hoping for a weekend at home, but Joel needed to go help his dad and most importantly, we were having a birthday celebration for Papa John on Saturday. He turns 96 this week! We couldn't miss that!
We woke up Saturday to a beautiful morning! I took the boys and the dogs in the gator out to the field and we just ran and ran. Here was a rare still moment...
The boys were anxious to go see what Daddy, Jordan, and Pops were doing, so we headed down to the area right next to the lake and watched the big boys pick up load after load of wood from the old boathouse (they are in the process of building a new boat house--we sure are going to miss the old red one!) and take it to the burning pile. The highlight for the little boys was getting to ride in Pops truck to and from the burning pile without car seats! (Don't worry, it was all still on the farm!) The boys love to just play in Pops' truck and they literally did this for an hour!

Harrison loved throwing rocks in the lake, well, at least until his shoes got all muddy and that was the end of that! He does not like to be dirty!

 Gator riding with Shug!

 And lots of playing with the old tractor toys...

 The boys even snuck in a big green tractor ride before we left to celebrate Papa John.

Sweet Papa John needed Hudson's help to blow out the candles (although I'm pretty darn sure he could have done it himself!).

Sunday was Hudson's last soccer game of the season. It has gone by too fast! Hudson loved playing soccer and while I was a little frustrated watching it at the beginning of the season, Hudson improved so much throughout the season and he almost scored a goal yesterday! He learned so much this year and I was just so proud of him at the end! I have to keep reminding myself that several players on our team were already 6! That age gap makes a big difference and I will say that all of our 4 year olds on the team hung in there like champs! I can't wait to see how they all do next year!

Highlight of the day was getting another trophy! He LOVES his trophies. A lot of nights, I will find his trophies underneath his pillow in bed! How he sleeps with them under his pillow I will never know! His sweet coach said a little something about each player on the team when he handed out the trophies and really made each child feel special. We have lucked out in the coach department in the past year!
Now we have our Sunday afternoons back. Whatever will we do?!?!? Joel will be tackling my "honey-do" list that I have written up! He's thrilled! :)

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