Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast and Summit Lights Up

Well, to recap where I ended the last blog post, the stomach bug DID make it's way through our little family, hitting Joel and I at the SAME time last Monday evening. Neither one of us could take the boys to school on Tuesday (not that they needed to go anyway and spread the germs!), but caring for them with both parents down for the count was definitely something we hope to never have to go through ever again. Seriously...it was awful. Thankfully, the kids were complete angels and knew they needed to just chill that day and even took 3 hour naps that afternoon. The Mom Squad (our mothers!) came to the rescue that night. My mom dropped off dinner for the boys at the front door and then Joel's mom braved the germs and came and bathed the kids and read them books. We are thankful for our village this Thanksgiving! We have all recovered now and are several pounds lighter, just in time for Thursday!
Meet Chief Brave Loud Thunder!
 And his "less than thrilled" partner in crime...
The boys had their Thanksgiving feasts at school last Friday. They did not make a huge deal out of it this year and even encouraged the parents not to come. Since I was out sick with the kids and myself for most of the week, I had to do some catch up at work on Friday and did not go. I HATE missing things at the boys' school, but I just had to this time. The boys had a great time though from what I hear! Hudson says he is most thankful for his brother and Mommy and Daddy this Thanksgiving! Harrison...well if he could tell us what he is most thankful for, it is probably food. :) And his Dah-do and Papa Dog (paci and dog!) of course.

By Friday night, we were all in need of an outing! The Summit was having their annual Lights Up event, where they have a parade and fireworks to kick off the Christmas season. We went last year and had a great time.

We met the Bridges at Urban Cookhouse before the parade. Hudson was posing here...I can't help but laugh at this picture!

 Then it was parade time. It was kind of raining/misting the entire time. There were TONS of people there. I thought the rain might deter some of the crowd, but it was packed.

 I have to say that the parade was not nearly as good as last year. It was a lot shorter than last year and just overall did not have a lot. However, the boys loved it and that's all that matters!

Batman and Robin were there and Hudson and Haines wouldn't go anywhere near them...however, they weren't afraid of the gingerbread man at all! Ha!

 Real snow (bubbles)!

On Sunday afternoon, we headed to Charlie's dinosaur birthday party. The day was beautiful, but it was freezing outside!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is finally here! We are looking forward to a fun Thanksgiving day with Joel's family, however, our thoughts are going to be with Joel's beloved grandfather Papa John, who is in the hospital and is not doing well at all. It is not looking good, but we are so thankful to have been able to celebrate his 96th birthday with him earlier this month when he was feeling good! We love you PJ!

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