Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Hudson!

Here is Hudson exactly one year ago today...

And here he is now...he is such a grown up boy!

Happy 1st Birthday little buddy!

I know I have said this every month, but I am in absolute shock that I have a one year old! It feels like just yesterday that he came into our lives. We have had such a great year. While it has been so hard at times, that little smile, that belly laugh, those sweet sweet hugs, and getting to see him hit all those major milestones make everything so worth it! He is just perfect in every single way and there isn't anything that we wouldn't do for him. We can't imagine life without him.

It's a shame his birthday fell on a Monday AND he still has a bit of the stomach bug! He is still not eating much at all, but he hasn't gotten sick or had any bad diapers in two days, so I know he is on the mend. Why do stomach bugs last 24 hours for everyone else, and they last a week for Hudson?!? It is not fair!
Joel and I were able to take cupcakes to him this afternoon at daycare, and then he got to spend the rest of the day with me!

We sat him in his little chair at daycare to eat his cupcake and he got up and tried to walk away! You can tell he is having tummy issues when he turns down a cupcake!

Daddy came to the rescue though and gave him a little piece, and then it wasn't so bad! Look at him standing!

It was too tough to keep standing and eating, so he decided to eat it on the floor!

Look who is finally facing forward! He hit the weight limit about 6 months ago (seriously!), but he had to be a year before we could turn him around. He was completely out of room facing backwards, so I know he is much happier now.

And, just for kicks, here are all his monthly chair pictures. I love to see how much he has grown!
I know this is a long post already, but just for my records, here is what Hudson is up to at one year:
  • He is starting to take a step forward before either falling or going to his knees. He really wants to walk, but is still a little unsure and not quite confident enough in himself. I think he can do it, but I guess he will do it when he is ready!
  • He has two teeth, a top tooth and a bottom one, and there is another top tooth about to break through.
  • He is his Daddy's little shadow. Whenever Joel is around, he is right there with him. It is so cute.
  • He claps at everything.
  • He is still only saying Dada, but he "talks" all the time. His new favorite thing is to look like an Indian (cupping his hand over his mouth while making noise). He thinks he is so funny!
  • He loves going outside. He will go to the glass door or the window to our back porch and just bang on it until we go outside. I think we will be enjoying the outdoors a lot in a few months!
  • He loves all things sweet, and doesn't love veggies. We are working on this. I'm giving him baby food veggies so I know he is getting them, but as far as the real thing goes, he hates it!
  • He loves his sippy cup. I'm still giving him 2 bottles a day, morning and night, but I think I might be able to cut those out soon. He will drink whole milk, so I will probably just replace the formula bottles with sippy cups with whole milk. I don't think it's going to be as much as an issue as I once thought! He still goes nuts when he sees a bottle though.
Happy Birthday sweet boy. We love you so much.

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