Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Man Cave

Below are some overdue pictures of the finished man cave! We are so excited about having an extra room to go to. Joel (and his dad) did such a great job on it. I'm just glad it is finally done. It has been a long few months and a lot of lonely weekends while Joel has been working on it. He got it done in time for Hudson's birthday party (which was the deadline that I gave him because I thought we might could have the party down there--well, we didn't...oops!). It was good to have a deadline though!

We still need something to go over the couch, but mostly we used pictures and furniture that we already had so we wouldn't have to spend much more money decorating. My dad is so talented and has done so many Auburn pictures for us, that we just had to use them and made it an Auburn room. I thought they all worked perfectly. We did have to buy the sectional, and Joel bought the tv months ago when he got me the new camera (you know, it was such a great deal--ha!), but everything else came from stuff we already had and I think it works, especially for a man cave!

One of the best parts about the room is that there are really two rooms down there and so we made the other room Hudson's play room. It is right next to the stairs so we've got to get a gate because Hudson gets sidetracked most of the time and just wants to go climb the stairs, but our hopes are that we can all be down there and have a ton of room for Hudson to play and for us to watch tv, or play with him, whatever the case may be.

On an unrelated note, I spent this morning at the doctor's office with Hudson, and guess what, he has another ear infection. So much for the tubes. I'm so frustrated and I feel really bad for Hudson. He woke up yesterday morning with a fever, so I stayed home with him yesterday for most of the day thinking that it would just go away. It was low grade for most of the day, and Hudson was really not acting sick at all. We played and laughed and had a ball. He does have a tooth coming in, so I thought maybe that was it. Well, then the fever started to go up yesterday afternoon and so I made him an appointment for this morning. I knew by then that it had to be his ears. I thought the purpose of the tubes was to not have this happen anymore, but apparently not! It still can! I think I told someone yesterday that I have the sickliest child on the planet. I know it could be way worse so I do count my lucky stars that it's just ear infections, but can we give the poor boy a break??? I'm home again today with him...say a prayer that I don't get fired with all this time off I'm having to take!

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  1. Hi Mindy,

    I'm so sorry Hudson has another ear infection! ML has had one too since she got her tubes, and it caused her ears to drain (sorry, I know that's gross). Our doctor told us to use the drops they gave us when the put the tubes in, and it seems like it was gone pretty quick. Hopefully Hudson's will do the same! Thank goodness Spring is well on it's way...maybe we can kick the respiratory junk and get rid of these ear infections until next year :)
    Hope he feels better soon!