Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring (for a couple of days!)

We had a couple of sunny days this weekend and we took full advantage of them. We spent all the time that we could outside.

Here is Joel and his little mini-me in their Polos!

Hudson had a little bit of fun in the grass. He's still not very fond of it, but I keep telling him that if he'll just start walking, he won't have to be all in the grass! He ignores me. In fact, we have regressed in the walking department. He has absolutely no interest in it anymore. He used to love going back and forth to Joel and me, but now he just goes straight to his knees. I'm frustrated because I don't know why all of a sudden he is scared of walking! I guess like anything else, he'll do it on his own time when he is ready, and everyone keeps telling me that he needs to crawl for as long as he can because life gets really wild when he starts walking!

This was maybe the cutest time all weekend. Hudson was trying to help Joel put together his new riding toy.

It was a hit too! Hudson loved it!

We did a lot of this!

And believe it or not, snow was in the forecast this morning! Crazy Alabama weather...we were wearing short sleeves on Saturday and were bundled up and freezing Sunday and today. I broke down and finally went to the doctor today. I was not getting any better and my face was hurting like no other, so I knew I probably had a sinus infection that wasn't going to go away on its own. I've only been sick for a week and a half. Two shots in both hips and two different antiobiotics, later (oh and just a 3 hour trip to Med Help--reason #1 that I hate going to the doctor!), I am finally feeling a little better. The 3 hour trip was not in the week's work plans, however, so I will be playing catch up the rest of the week! Oh April 15th, can you get here any faster???

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  1. Mindy I have been sick for a week and 1/2 too & still have put off going to the dr. I'm pretty positive I have a sinus infection too but with planning Carter's party & all for Sat. I just don't think I have time!! Good luck with the end of tax season. I am just as ready as you are for it to be OVER!! :)