Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random Post

This is going to be an extremely random post. I have so much to blog about, but nothing is huge so I didn't want to do it in separate posts.

I survived my first week alone with Hudson. Joel went out of town last week. I've always been afraid to stay by myself, and then add a child to the mix, I was pretty much freaking out! Ever since our house got broken into last year, I get so jittery when I'm home alone, especially at night. The break in didn't even happen at night, nor while I was at home thank goodness, but the fact of the matter is that someone did break in and the thought of that still sends a shiver down my spine! And, to make matters worse, the dogs have this uncanny ability to know when I am uncomfortable and they go into extra protection mode, which means they bark at any sound that they hear...all night long. So, it was a long few nights, but we made it. We were so glad when Joel got home and are thankful that he doesn't have to travel too much with work! I also gained a whole lot of respect for single parents. I don't know how you do it and have time for yourself too! It was hard work and I have an easy child to take care of!

Hudson has a new talent. I'm sure all parents do this, but ever since he was just a few weeks old, we would make noises at him to try to get him to smile or react to us. We still do this to this day--I'm sure we look like idiots doing it, but we'll do anything to get Hudson to laugh and smile at us! Anyway, one noise in particular that always worked was when we would vibrate our lips and make a sound (it is hard to describe it, but you get the point). Hudson just cracks up when you do this. Well, he has now learned how to do it himself. I have got to get a video of this because it is so cute, but he will look at you and do this non-stop. We can't even really get him to talk much any more because he is too busy making this new noise! He knows that we think it is funny too, and that just eggs him on to do it more! Joel and I have been wondering if maybe we need to stop making the noise, but we are glad that he has learned something from us if nothing else!

Hudson has always been a big kicker. We always laugh at him because when he is on his play mat, most of the time it looks like he is riding a bike too. He is going to have some killer abs because his legs are always doing something in the air! He always likes to stand up when you hold him too, and now he is really trying to sit up, although he doesn't really have all the muscles for that yet (it won't be long though!). For these reasons, we decided it was time to get him a jumperoo. He is still a little bit too small to be in it, and he hasn't really figured out that he can jump up and down, but he loves to look at the lights and play with the various things on it. More than anything, I think he likes to be able to see everything. I took some pictures recently of him in the jumperoo. He is so cute!

Now onto the randomness--If you get grossed out easily, you may want to just skip this paragraph. I would not recommend reading it while eating either. That is my disclaimer. Joel and I had the outside trim and shutters painted on our house this past weekend. We use a guy named Oliver to do all of our painting at our house, inside and outside. If anyone needs a great painter, let me know. He is really good and is not expensive at all. You feel like you are stealing from him! Anyway, Oliver brought a crew with him this time to do our house. None of them spoke a lick of english as you can imagine, but that is beside the point. When Oliver got to our house Friday morning, I told him that if anyone needed to come in and get water or go to the bathroom, to just come on in and it wouldn't be a problem. We have left Oliver at our house by himself on numerous occasions. He is very trustworthy. Fast forward to Friday night. Joel and I had picked up La Paz for dinner and took it back home to eat (very fitting that we at Mexican that night!). We had been eating maybe 5 minutes when Joel asked where Chloe, our dog, was. She has slipped out of our fence several times and Joel wanted to make sure she was in the yard so he went out to find her. You probably know where this is going by now, but in case you don't, I will keep going! The next thing I knew, Joel had Chloe and was cussing and threw her in the house. He said do not touch her and don't let her leave the kitchen. I still had no idea what was happening. Joel then said that one of the Mexicans had pooped in our yard and Chloe was eating it...yes, eating it. Now that our appetites were totally gone (darn it!), Joel went out to shovel up the mess and we had to figure out what to do with our stupid dog. I think we brushed her teeth about 5 times and gave her 3 baths! It was so disgusting. Needless to say, Joel had some words with Oliver the next morning and he personally showed Oliver's entire crew where the bathroom was and held up a roll of toilet paper so that they would know where to go and what to use! It is hilarious now, but it was so not funny on Friday night!
Here is another picture of our little man. I think there were some belly laughs that came along with this shot! Gotta love the belly laughs!

Anyone who knows me really well knows that I love reality tv. I especially love the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Joel can't stand it, but he is so sweet that he takes care of bath time on Monday nights just so I can watch my show. Anyway, I was so glad that Jillian was picked to be the next Bachelorette. I loved her on the Bachelor and thought that she really deserved to find a good man. Up until this point, I felt like she had done really well in her weeding out of all the guys. She really did have some good guys left! Kipton has been my favorite since day one, with Jake and Jesse at a close second and third. I don't understand why she sent Jake home this week! She even said herself that he was Mr. Perfect. He is a little bit sappy for my liking, but he is so cute and accomplished and seems like he comes from a good family. She sent him home and kept Wes! I can't believe that! He is a sleezebag (is that how you spell that?). Anyway, I don't think she should have kept Michael the break dancer either, but I know that he would love her unconditionally and would make her happy...he is too young though...and, he is a break dancer. Do people really do that? I think that Ed is coming back on the show this week coming up. I really like him too and was sad when he left for his job, but in this economy, the chances of him ending up with Jillian were small and he really didn't need to lose his job over that! But...maybe he is coming back and it will work out?!?! Stay tuned...
Lastly, am I the only one that is sad about Jon and Kate? I know that there are two sides to every story, but I don't think anyone with 8 kids (or anyone in general for that matter!) should say that they are excited about getting a divorce like Jon said. And, it blows me away that they say the "show must go on!" That "show" is what has caused this to begin with. And another thing...they say that they are going to both live in their multi million dollar home part of the time. Now, tell me how that is going to work??? And Jon's new earrings??? I could go on and on, but that is my vent on them. It does not appear that they did anything to try to reconcile this marriage, and I am so sad for those kids more than anything. I just read through this paragraph and it sounds like Jon and Kate are my close friends! Oh how I love my reality tv!

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