Monday, June 15, 2009

3 Month Pictures and Another Fun Weekend

Below are a few of my favorites from Hudson's 3 month pictures. I'm going to go broke on pictures! I was absolutely thrilled with how they turned out, especially since Hudson was so fussy on the day of the pictures.

We had another really fun weekend! My mom had a jewelry show at Brookdale Place on Friday. All of my grandparents live at Brookdale Place, so they thought it would be fun for mom to show her jewelry there. Since I'm off on Fridays, Hudson and I decided that we would go help! It was a lot of fun and my mom did really well. Her jewelry is so pretty! She is very talented. I'm going to take some pictures of some of her stuff and put it on the blog soon. All of her jewelry is made out of glass, which she does herself! She is very creative, and it was all a big hit on Friday! Of course, Mama Jean and Grandmother and Granddaddy loved having Hudson there to show off to all their friends! He was absolutely perfect the whole day. I think he smiled at every little old lady that came up to him, and there were a ton of them! They would have scared me a little bit, but he just flirted with them all and loved the attention!
Friday night, Joel and I headed to a surprise party for his friend Cayce. Hudson stayed with Joel's parents so we could have a few hours out! It was a lot of fun too! Of course, about 30 minutes into the party, the power went out because of all the storms, but the party still went on in the candlelight! It was great seeing everyone. We haven't all gotten together in a really long time, so it was fun catching up.
The weather was terrible Saturday, but luckily it cleared up in the afternoon so Joel and I cooked out steaks Saturday night and watched Grand Torino. It was a great movie. I highly recommend it! The highlight of our night was getting to see Hudson roll over for the first time! It is so funny how we get so excited for every little milestone. He tried for about 2 hours, and finally got all the way over! It was a struggle, but he was persistent in getting over! Once he was on his tummy, he got mad because he couldn't get back over! He's still got a little work to do on going from his tummy to his back, but we have the back to tummy mastered! He did it all day on Sunday!
Sunday was another rainy day! I cleaned the house and Joel did yardwork before the rain arrived, and then I headed to Gadsden for a friend's wedding tea. The tea was at the home of Ronnie Watkins, who owns Ronnie Watkins Ford in Gadsden. Let's just say that that house was huge...and beautiful! It was way up high on a hill and overlooked a lake. We were all a little nosy and ventured out all through the house. We even made our way through the master bedroom and bathroom! That was probably horrible of us to do that, but the house was so beautiful that we just had to see everything! Ashleigh, the bride to be, looked beautiful as always, and got tons of great stuff! I can't wait for her wedding on August 22nd! It is going to be a lot of fun.
I headed back to Birmingham and then we had dinner at Joel's parent's house. It was a great ending to another great weekend! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well!

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