Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quick Update from Day 3

I know everyone is just DYING to know how yesterday and today went at daycare. Haha, you probably couldn't care less, but I'm going to write it down so hopefully I will realize that it really DOES get better when I have to do this again with the second child!

When I went to pick Hudson up at daycare on Tuesday, he was screaming. This is not what you want to walk into when you've dropped your child off at some random place to watch him all day! His teacher told me that he was due up for a bottle an hour, I repeat ONE HOUR, prior to the time that I got there. I was not happy, but then they said he had just woken up. I know that he probably did just wake up and realized that he was hungry, but the thought occurred to me that he could have been screaming for the entire hour and I will never know. This child does not miss meals...ever. So, I went on my not so happy way and prayed that Day 2 would be better.

And it was light years better. I did not cry dropping him off, although I was still sad to do it. I knew this was progress though. As I drove off, I just kept saying to myself that it is only 3 days a could be a lot worse! His granddaddy went and checked on him at lunchtime, which I was so grateful for. His teacher actually told me today that when his granddaddy got there, he just started laughing and wouldn't stop. Apparently, he had the whole room laughing! That was so good to hear! So, thanks Pop! I really appreciate you doing that! Anyway, things were great when I picked him up yesterday afternoon as well. I got a smile as soon as he saw me, which made me feel so much better! And, he was in a great mood when we got home. We played for about an hour and a half before we gave him his bath and got him to bed. He didn't even make it through his bottle...he was SO tired! I'm going to have to get used to him being so tired when he gets home.

Today was even better than yesterday. I won't say I was excited to be going to work, but I was ready to get here to get my work done. It is nice to have some adult interaction. I realized that I have not had much of that since he was born! I feel like I can do this now and I'm so glad.

Ok...back to work now. We're leaving soon for the beach and I have a lot to do!

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