Friday, December 2, 2011

Two Months

Harrison is two months old today. I'm shocked it has been two months. I'm really wondering where November went because it FLEW. I'm already getting sad that my time at home with him is running out. I do have about 6 more weeks though, so I'm thankful for that.

Here is Harrison at one month...

And here he is today at two months!

He has gotten so big! It looks like his hair has lightened up a lot, and is definitely turning a little red.

Here is a comparison between Hudson and Harrison at 2 months. I took one look and said that they look nothing alike, but then Joel said he thought they looked exactly alike! It's something about the eyes that is different for me...

Harrison is just about the sweetest baby ever! At two months, he is smiling! His whole face lights up when he smiles. He's just precious. Of course, I couldn't buy a smile with our photo shoot today, but I promise, he does it and it's awesome.

It seems like Harrison is either awake all day or he sleeps all day. I feel like I did better with a schedule for Hudson, but we are just so on the go all the time right now that it makes it hard. He sleeps very well in his car seat still, so that is a plus. He's still teasing us with sleeping through the night. About twice a week, he'll sleep to 5 or so, but then he always goes back to 3:30 the following night. I'm ready for that to be consistent, but it's not too bad.

He's eating 4 ounces at a time, every 3 hours during the day. I give him 6-8 ounces right before he goes to bed. It usually knocks him out! I didn't weigh him, but my guess is that he is around 13 pounds, maybe a little less. He loves to be on his play mat and see all the lights. It never lasts more than about 10 minutes though. He hates the bouncy seat (always has, just like Hudson). He'll tolerate the swing for a little while, but that never really lasts either. We have the swing in the kitchen so we try to put him in it for meal time, but it seems that every time we sit down at the table to eat, that is when Harrison cranks up. My babies always know when it's meal time! Ha!

He is SO squirmy. If he's laying down and awake, he's swimming! His arms and legs are always on the go. It makes it hard to hold him sometimes. We stopped using the swaddle a while ago because he would bust out of it within 5 minutes. I think we had Hudson in the swaddle for at least 6 months! Just in the past week or so, he's started noticing his hands. I love watching him follow his hands with his eyes. He can also put a lot of weight on his legs. He loves to "stand" up. He's very strong. Sometimes I have to pry his hands away from his mouth with all my might just to feed him a bottle.

He's about to bust out of his 3 month sleepers. Why is it that they are never really in their "size"? Or maybe that is just my children...they are big!

The photo shoot lasted about 2 minutes this morning before he fell over and went to sleep. No fussing, he just fell to the side and zonked!

Happy 2 months little guy! Here's to a fun third month!

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  1. Harrison sounds just like Will! I could have written this same thing about Will...crazy! He's a cutie and I think he looks like you!