Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nursery and Big Boy Room Pictures

I have been waiting to put up the pictures of the nursery and big boy room until they were completely finished, but I'm realizing that being "completely finished" is never going to happen, so I decided to go ahead and take the pictures. I have problems with starting things and never finishing them--oh well. They are done enough.

We decided to put Harrison on Hudson's side upstairs and they share a bathroom. I'm not sure this was the best idea as we are reluctant to start letting Harrison sleep up there until he's sleeping really good because we are afraid he will wake Hudson up. But, that's where he's going to be so it is what it is! It's really not as bright yellow as it appears in the pictures below. It's more of a soft yellow. I know I've said this before, but I wanted something totally different than Hudson's nursery. I think we achieved that!

The bookshelf is still filled with pictures of Hudson. Maybe someday soon I'll get some pictures printed and replace those! And, we still have some hanging of things to do in there.

Below is Hudson's firetruck room. I'm not big into themes at all, but this was easy and he loves it. My Dad did the pictures above the beds and I think they are just perfect!

The room definitely needs some accessorizing still and I would like to get a bookshelf in there to put all of his books in. Right now, there are some books in his bedside table and some in the shelves under his bed. Most of the time, they are scattered all over the floor (I cleaned them up to take these pictures--the room never is this tidy!). And trust me, it is rare to see the bed made up in this house!

I also included some pictures of our littlest guy from the week. We've enjoyed a week of shopping and Christmas card addressing so far. And, as we speak, Hudson is meeting Santa at school. He was very distressed about it this morning and cried a lot over having to meet Santa. He's still not a fan! I told his teachers to try and put him on Santa's lap because I have to have that picture! I'm such a mean mom. Pictures to come I'm sure.

Life is tough as a 9 week old--fell asleep in the bumbo!

Bath time!

Bath time always puts Harrison in a good mood. I was getting lots of smiles after bath time last night!

Can you tell how easy going this child is??? He'll fall asleep anywhere!


We have a fun and busy weekend planned. We are doing the Polar Express train ride on Friday night, Christmas party Saturday night, and Christmas cookie decorating party on Sunday. I love this time of year!!!

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  1. We have that same rainforest activity mat! Will loves his! :) Love the rooms!