Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hudson's First Christmas Program

Hudson performed in his first Christmas program on Tuesday. This is one of those things that makes this mom thing so worth it! There is just something about hearing those little voices sing. It makes my heart melt!

The two year olds only sang one song and then they were promptly removed. I guess they thought they might not sit still through the whole thing??? They dressed up as lambs and you can see in the pictures that Hudson refused to wear the hat and they tried to paint a little nose on him, but he had already taken it off by the time the program started. Typical! Hudson did a whole lot of ringing bells and not a whole lot of singing, despite us having practiced the song every day for the past month. I took a video of Hudson's song. You might want to fast forward to about a minute in...I started it a little early and I apologize for the bad camera skills. We don't use it that much so I am not very good at it! And, I should have done a big view of the whole stage instead of fixating on Hudson the whole time. Oh well, it's still cute!

It was such fun to watch him perform! I already can't wait until next year!

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