Monday, December 19, 2011

Birthday Celebrations and a Tacky Party

Friday night, we headed to Leonardo's for dinner with the Reed's. It was Joel's Dad's birthday. I was a little nervous about heading to such a nice place with our little stinkers, but it actually was a great place to take Hudson because they had an pianist and an accordian player. He was in heaven! And of course Harrison always just goes with the flow, never fusses a bit!

They don't love Harrison at all...Ha!

Happy Birthday Pops! We had a great time celebrating with you.

Saturday, Joel headed out early to shop for me and then we met my friend Cameron for lunch to celebrate her birthday in a few days. We had a great time at the new taco bar in Crestline and Cameron even gave Hudson and Harrison a gift for Christmas. Thank you so much Cams! It was so much fun! After lunch, I got a couple of hours to myself to finish Christmas shopping. It was glorious not having to tote around that heavy carseat for a change! You all with babies know what I'm talking about...that thing is ridiculous. I got so much done in such a short period of time and even bought myself a few things! :) But, I was glad to not be out in the madness for long. It was crazy out there.

Saturday night, Joel and I went to our Sunday School Christmas party. It's our second annual "Tacky" party and it was so much fun! Joel and I totally lost track of time and made it home a little later than we thought we would be. Sorry Migi and Pops--I'm pretty sure we have used up our babysitters for a while now--ha!! We appreciated the night out though. Here we are in our tacky outfits. Joel is a bit more tacky than I am this year--well, I should say a bit more "redneck." It sort of snuck up on me and I didn't have anything to wear with my Mrs. Claus wig which was oh so ugly and itchy. I apologize to my mother for wearing her gold tunic to a tacky party. I promise it's not tacky at all! :)

Here is a picture of all the girls. We did not see our husbands the entire night. They were outside by the heater the whole time and all the girls were inside. I think they had fun, but we definitely did! We were even contemplating going to a BAR at the end of the night--but, then I remembered I have an 11 week old and staying out later than we did was probably not a good idea! Ha! I'm laughing at writing this because we were home by 10:30...that is hardly "late" to most people's standards!

We even had an awards ceremony. Here is the winner of the "best accesorized" girl...

Joel won Most Creative! It was creative, alright! Yikes! Check out his tattooed arm...

I think this one was "Sexiest Male"...WOW.

I think this one was Most Gaudy...

And the Most Tackiest Couple went to the hosts of the party. They also won last year and have set the bar really high!

She even had an outfit change...

It was such a fun night and I can't wait to hang out with everyone again soon!

I'll end this post with one smiley little boy...

who is FINALLY sleeping through the night! Woo hoo!!!

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  1. Mindy I just saw your blog on Margaret's! Sooo cute. The party was so much fun and we loved hanging out with everyone : )
    Merry Merry!!