Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Activities

We have had a fun filled week of activities as we await Christmas.

We took a trip to Zoolight Safari at the zoo. Hudson had so much fun and threw the biggest fit when we told him it was time to go.

It was cold. We had Harrison so bundled up that he was sweating though!

We went to a Happy Birthday Jesus party at Hudson's school. They read the Christmas Story and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

This is Hudson's new pose--you'll see it several times in these pictures.

We even got out the paint at home. I made the mistake of leaving the paint on the table (which had never been opened before--wrappers still on the top) AND Hudson in his nice smocked t-shirt (which I was about to change him out of) and came back to paint all over the table and all over him. I swear he can get into everything on no time flat! Hence, the all black outfit below from Hudson's Christmas program...he could splatter paint everywhere on that and you'll never know!

I believe I can be crafty when I have the time to be! :) Hudson REALLY wanted Harrison to participate and I even tried to get Harrison's hand prints on it, but he would absolutely not let me unclutch his little fists that he's in all the time! Oh well. Hudson actually did really well with the paint on his hands. I was worried since he wouldn't do it a few weeks ago.

We went to the library to see Fancy Nancy. Well, we didn't actually go to see Fancy Nancy--I've heard she's all the rage with the girls, but the library was doing a fundraiser and they had donuts to eat, the kids made an ornament, Santa was there (we had to avoid him!), a mariachi band playing Christmas music which was Hudson's favorite thing, and Fancy Nancy read them a story. It was really cute, but I'm pretty sure the volunteers at the library were not expecting the crowd and it was very overwhelming (and I might have been a teensy weensy bit stressed out trying to wrangle my two year old who wanted to run wild while maneuvering our gigantic stroller through 200 kids). Let's just say I took a big deep breath when we were finally back in the car...I survived.

The "pose" again...

We met Lindsay and Caroline there and they loved painting their ornaments!

We played outside a good bit this week since it has been close to 70 all week! Crazy weather. I'm glad it's finally getting cold so maybe it will actually feel like Christmas!

We went to see Santa at the mall! I told Hudson that we were just taking Harrison and that he did not have to get near him, but Santa was very enticing and getting there at 9 am really is awesome because there was no one in line and Santa got to spend a lot of time talking to Hudson and getting him comfortable. Not comfortable enough to sit on his lap, but at least he's next to him. He would not sit on the sofa next to him, but was willing to sit in my lap. You can see my jeans in the picture, but I was trying my hardest to be out of it! What is up with the purple couch at the mall?!?! It was a little strange. Santa was fabulous though!

Unfortunately, we also had a trip to the doctor and learned that Hudson has his second ear infection in 3 weeks. We are headed to the ENT for another round of tubes and his adenoids out after the first of the year. Also, Dr. C. looked at Harrison's flat spot and it's not getting any better so it looks like we'll be dealing with that in January as well. Until then, we're working on not laying down during the day except for naps, so we're doing a lot of bumbo time!

Joel and I even got a night out without kids to go celebrate his friend Hunter's birthday at La Paz. It was a lot of fun!

Lastly, we made cookies for Santa!

It's been a fun week and we are ready to celebrate this weekend!

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