Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! It was busy as usual and we were all exhausted by last night, but I love all the family time we get.

We started out with lunch at the BCC on Christmas Eve. Hudson was just a little bit excited about the Christmas festivities!

About 5 minutes after the above picture was taken, Hudson fell out of the chair and busted his chin and bit something in his mouth. He was fine--just a little blood and some tears, but luckily it didn't last too long.

Harrison was loving all the attention he was getting!

This was the only family picture we took all weekend and it's not very good. Hudson was ready for a nap.

We made it home in time for Hudson to take a quick nap before heading to the Christmas Eve service at church. We let Hudson sit with us in "big church" and he did great! He was so proud of himself for being at big church and was very well behaved and quiet the entire time! Joel's parents and brother met us there. The only time he really talked out loud was in the middle of the service, he said, "This music is goooodd!" It was so funny. He even went to the front of the church for children's time! I was so proud of him!

After church, we headed to my parent's house for dinner and opening of presents.

My best gift from 2011!!!

Hudson loved opening presents--no surprise there!

Andres did good!

Like we do every year, we try to go slow so everyone can see what everyone is getting, but then it just turns into chaos and it looked like a tornado had gone through the room! It was a lot of fun though and we were very blessed! We definitely did not deserve all that we got!

We tried to start dinner/presents early so that those with kids could get home early, but of course we didn't get home until close to 10 and we had a lot to do! I loved every second of it though and the 6 hours of sleep that we got was worth it! :)

This was the first year that we didn't have to go get Hudson out of his crib and bring him downstairs to see what Santa brought, so I was a little unsure of how the morning would go down. Hudson ended up coming downstairs at 7:30 and Joel and I didn't even hear him. We usually hear him coming down the stairs. I finally heard him in the den and I went out there and he said he wanted to get the race cars out of the car from the night before. He totally had bypassed all the presents Santa had brought (or maybe he didn't care about them!).

I think once he realized it was for him, he got excited. He loves his new jeep!
Of course it had to be raining and we couldn't go outside to really ride it. He had a hard time with that! We let him ride it for a second in the house, but he almost took a wall down! No worries though, he's gotten a lot of riding time in today!

He's checking out the half eaten cookies and Santa even wrote him a note! I really don't know how much of this he really understood. I think at times he was a little overwhelmed! I'm sure that next year he will be really into it.

He cooked us some hamburgers on his new grill!
Sadly, I think his favorite thing was the dollar candy that was in the stocking!

He was scaring everyone with his new dinosaurs.
Harrison finally joined us around 8:30. Hudson had already destroyed his stack of things and had played with everything before Harrison even got up. The Reed's came over and had breakfast and visited for a bit as well!

After we played with our things from Santa for a while and opened our presents to each other, we headed to Joel's aunt's house for brunch.

Hudson helped Papa John open his gifts.

We had a good time at brunch hanging out with Joel's family. This was our second meal of the day. Once we finished there, we then had to go to my parent's house for lunch with my grandparents on my mom's side. We had eaten 3 times by 1 pm that day! It was all SO good!

We got home around 2 and took naps and then headed to the Reed's that night to do Christmas with them. I left my camera in the car unfortunately so I have no pictures from their house. I hate that! We got some really great things though and had a wonderful time! Once again, we got way more than we deserved this year! It was just fun to be with family though. Harrison slept through most of Christmas at the Reed's (he was one tired little baby), but he finally joined us at the end and played with some of his new things as well! He's really starting to reach out and touch things and be interested in toys. It's so fun!

It was such a fun and crazy two days. We all got to sleep in this morning so we're feeling pretty good! And believe it or not, we already have most of our Christmas decorations down. Once Christmas is over, it's over, and I want my house back! Ha! Hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas. We are thankful for so much this year!

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