Monday, December 5, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

Friday night, Migi and Pops kept the boys for a little while so Joel and I could go to my work Christmas party. This was our first outing without kids and it was a nice break! We didn't stay out too late because we knew Saturday was going to be a full day of decorating!

First up, finding that perfect Christmas tree! If you know me at all and have read this blog for the past few years, you know that I'm not too fond of "real" Christmas trees and all their imperfections (and the pine needles that seem to take a year to get completely vacuumed up). But, the experience of finding that perfect tree is something that we want to share with the boys. And, Joel is very devoted to the boy scout lot because he worked there for years.

Every year, we end up saying we are going to buy an artificial tree in January and this year was no exception! Ha! Let's just say that when we brought the tree home, it was on a major lean, so that took a while to figure out how to get it straightened out. Then, Joel thought he was putting water in the stand, but it was really going all over our hardwood floors--I think he realized this after 5 pitchers full of water. There was water everywhere! Then, while cleaning up that mess, Hudson broke one of our den lamps. Let's just say it was not exactly a fun time around the Reed house. Not to mention, this took ALL of Saturday and we didn't get much other decorating done. Oh well, here are some pictures from our day anyway...

Waiting to go get our Christmas tree!

Hanging out in the bumbo!

Hudson had more fun with all the strings that were on the lot than actually looking for a tree. Maybe next year...

Finally, we found the one! Well, let me rephrase, Joel found the one. They all start looking the same to me after a while!

Sunday, we went to church and lunch and then came back home to get the decorating DONE (but, it didn't all get done--sigh). We have half the wreaths on the outside windows. We couldn't do the upstairs windows because of naps and then it got dark. And, we have to hang a wreath in the den and add one more hook to the mantle for Harrison's stocking. But, I did get Harrison's stocking monogrammed a while back, so at least that's done! Joel finally got all the lights on the tree, so last night, we put all the ornaments on it. It was really fun. We blasted the Christmas music and had a dance party!

Harrison just took it all in this year. I can't imagine what he's going to be like next year! I'm thinking

Hudson LOVED putting the ornaments on the tree. You can definitely tell which ornaments Hudson put on the tree--they are pretty much all on the same limb! I just left it though...I think that makes it all the more special that he helped do it too!

We only broke a few ornaments and I'm actually the one that broke an ornament first! Hudson broke a few more, but they were all old ones and nothing special at all.

Posing in front of the finished product!

It looks fabulous! I'm SO glad the tree is done. I just love the house all decorated for Christmas. It's just cozy and makes me happy. Now, if we can just get the rest of the decorations up and finish that shopping, we'll be doing good!

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