Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great holiday weekend spent with both our families. We were all sick at one point or another over the weekend (and pretty much passed it on to everyone else we were around too--sorry folks!), but we toughed it out and I'm thankful that our families were ok with us being a little sick around them! Well, they probably weren't ok with it, but at least they didn't kick us out! :)

Wednesday night, Joel, Hudson, Harrison and I all headed up to Mentone to spend the night at the cabin before driving the 30 minutes down to Weiss Lake on Thursday morning to spend Thanksgiving with Joel's family. Of course, we had a horrible night Wednesday night, which included Hudson sticking his fingers down his throat at midnight and throwing up all over everything, including the dog! So, after we got all that cleaned up and everyone showered, Hudson tossed and turned the rest of the night and didn't sleep much at all. Joel was a little under the weather all last week, but seemed to be fine Wednesday until that night and he coughed all night Wednesday night and woke up feeling awful on Thursday. He spent most of his time at the lake in the bed. So, it was not a good start to Thanksgiving!

We had Thanksgiving with Joel's family and there were 52 people there! They have such a big family and it was crazy. The day even included an awards ceremony which was hilarious. Surprisingly, Harrison slept through most of the chaos!

You can tell that Hudson was not feeling the best, but he did ok and loved running around with all the kids that were there.

Family picture with the Reed's...

This picture below makes me laugh because this is pretty much what life feels like right now! Hudson refusing to take a picture (or refusing to behave, period!), the baby crying, and Joel and I just trying to manage!

We are thankful for our new bundle this year!

My two turkeys...(not cooperating of course!)

They are OVER it!

We spent the afternoon visiting with Papa John and the family before heading back to Mentone. My parents had Thanksgiving at their house in Birmingham that day and then headed up to meet us in Mentone, along with the newlyweds, Carrie and Andres! What a treat it was for them to come up too seeing as though they had just gotten back from Italy at 11 pm the night before!

Friday morning, my mom cooked monkey bread, which is a Thanksgiving Day breakfast tradition (just the day after this year!). For as long as I can remember, we woke up to monkey bread and hot tea and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Joel doesn't understand my obsession for the parade, but I just love it! I think he now understands my obsession with monkey bread though...and the 4 sticks of butter it takes to make it! :)

Joel had heard about this old historic covered bridge in Mentone and we went and saw it Friday morning. It really wasn't all that great, but it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed getting out in it!

We watched a lot of football on Friday and had a great time hanging out with the family!

Harrison even gave us some smiles!
Friday night, we headed to the McKewen's house, which is a couple of houses down from my parent's house, to have a cookout. It was a lot of fun and Hudson had a blast playing with all their kids and all their toys!

I was so thankful for all the help this weekend! It was nice getting a little break.

We were supposed to head back Saturday morning because we were invited to an Iron Bowl party, but since everyone was still sick and I woke up with a sore throat too, we decided we didn't need to spread it any further. We ended up just staying in Mentone until after the game and then headed home after that because I had to teach Sunday School the next morning at church. Since we decided to stay, Dad had heard of this place in Rainsville where you could feed the reindeer. He wanted to take Hudson to do that so some of us tagged along. Boy, was it a sight!

The "reindeer" are below!

Santa's Country "Reindeer" ended up being goats. Poor Hudson kept asking (even for hours afterwards) where the reindeer were. I think he's content now with knowing they are still at the North Pole! :) We cracked up so hard at the goats, and were making jokes about the fact that Santa was probably going to be in overalls, until we actually SAW Santa...

And he WAS in overalls! And, sitting in a recliner. Ha! And, this is what Hudson thought of the "country" Santa...

Yes, buddy, I thought the same thing too! And, he turned out to really be a creepy old man so we got out of there fast. He even got out of his recliner and chased us down in a golf cart to give us a peppermint. That didn't help things. Oh how we were laughing at Dad for bringing us to this place. What an experience it was!

On the way home, we started smelling something stinky and my Mom determined that she had stepped in manure. So, that was a fun (and smelly!) ride home! We definitely made some memories with this place!

After lunch at the Lookout (Shondra and Morgan joined us too as they came up to Mentone for Saturday night), we headed back to the cabin to watch the Iron Bowl. Poor Auburn...we expected it though so it really wasn't too awful to have to watch! After the game, we loaded up and headed back to Birmingham. I was so sad to leave. We had such a good time with our families this weekend.

Now, here it is Monday and I took Hudson to the doctor this morning because he just isn't getting any better, and he has a double ear infection. I think he's probably had it for about a month now...yep, I'm an awesome mom! He never once had a fever though and really didn't act like he felt that bad other than having a cough and a runny nose. Although, he's had his fingers in his mouth for a while now and hasn't been sleeping great, so I should have known better. Hopefully, we will now all be on the mend though just in time for Christmas!

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