Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Circus

Joel and I decided to take Hudson to the circus on Friday morning. It was Joel's birthday and we thought it would be something fun to do with just the 3 of us. We weren't sure if he would be old enough to like it or not, but decided we would leave if we needed to and wouldn't make a big deal of it if we had to duck out. I was a little worried about my child that doesn't like to sit still. Little did we know, Hudson would LOVE it!

Our seats were on the floor, front and center. When we first realized we were on the floor, we were kind of bummed about it (we thought it would have been nice to be up a little bit), but actually, it turned out great because Hudson could roam around (even though he did watch most of the show from our laps). We also had our own bathrooms and concession stand, so that was great too.

My camera was not obeying so all of the pictures are fuzzy, but these were before the show. We had some time to kill and were trying to stay away from the $12 cotton candy and all of the light up toys that they so graciously throw in front of all the kid's faces...they don't make it easy to get out of there without buying something! Luckily, Hudson wasn't quite old enough to understand that he could have those things. He enjoyed just looking at all of them!

Hudson's favorite thing about the circus was the elephants! He talked about them non-stop and loved seeing them come out. It was really neat and I enjoyed it too!

This made me nervous...

He also loved the tigers! He ran on up to the rail to watch the tigers! Again, one of the perks about sitting where we sat. I was ok with not getting too close! I have to say that the dude in the cage with 13 tigers is nuts. Seriously...why would you do that?

There were also horses and zebras, and lots and lots of clowns. I thought the clowns would freak Hudson out (they kind of freak me out!), but he laughed and laughed at them.

The circus started at 10:30 am and at 1 pm, we decided to head on out. We had been there forever...I couldn't believe it lasted that long! Hudson was getting a little restless by that point--we had not eaten lunch, and naptime was looming as well. We had taken snacks of course, but goldfish only go so far! So, we beat the crowd and got on out of there. Hudson fell asleep within about 5 minutes. He was exhausted!

It was such a fun morning. This is one of the reasons why I love being a parent--we get to do all this fun stuff again! Seeing Hudson love it made it so much more joyful too!

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