Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice Day!

We got a day off from work today due to the ice. Yippee! We were hoping for snow, but as usual, the meteorologists didn't get it exactly right for the millionth time! Either way, I'll take a day off, but I am hoping that the roads are clear tomorrow. Last night around 9, Joel and I went outside to see if the roads were getting icy (which they were) and it was snowing a little bit then so I threw a snowball at Joel and he immediately took off running inside. What a sissy! Oh well, it was fun getting to make that one snowball last night and nail my husband! Ha! Today, Hudson slept until 9 (we had to wake him up--very rare, but awesome!), and then we took a long walk to my parent's house to see my Dad on his birthday and have lunch and birthday cake. Everyone was out sledding and having a good old time. I just wish we had gotten more snow! Ice really isn't that much fun! It was a good morning though, and now Hudson is napping so we're relaxing before the BIG game tonight. I have to say that I am so thankful that the power didn't go out so that we won't miss the game. Forget staying warm, we HAVE to watch that game!!!

Hudson wasn't so sure about the ice. He reminds me of that kid from A Christmas Story that was so bundled up that he couldn't move. Luckily, Hudson didn't mind putting all the gear on. We've had a little trouble getting the gloves OFF off him--he loves them! Oh and I know that he looks a little silly with his pants tucked in his boots, but Joel says that's what you have to do so that his pants don't get wet! (while he's riding in his stroller and not touching the ice :) )

Joel had several people jokingly ask if he was an Auburn fan. It was funny--he had on everything Auburn. It was a little scary watching Joel push the stroller up and down hills--it was slick!

And of course, Hudson had his Cam jersey on underneath! He's ready!


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