Tuesday, January 11, 2011

National Champs and Another Ice Day

We are giddy with excitement at the Reed house! Auburn won the National Championship last night and it was AUsome!!! It's still hard to believe that we actually won! That game took forever to get here yesterday. We were so anxious! It was very exciting and we are thrilled to be taking home the trophy! We've got our championship gear already (thanks to Dad who braved the icy roads!).

This guy was pretty excited too! He watched the first quarter before going to bed--it was just too stressful! :) He loved the eagle flying before the game though, and thought that Lee Corso picking the Ducks before the game was pretty funny too! Notice he put all his Auburn balls on the back of his tractor. He would not let us touch them!

Check out the grip on that football. Future Cam Newton here!

I was so glad that our defense played their hearts out and they are the ones who won us that game! See, Cam Newton isn't all we've got! Oregon played a great game though as well, and I have to say that I just love their uniforms. I know there are a lot of people out there that hate them, but I think they are so creative and love to see what they come up with each week! I will always think that Auburn has the best uniforms--can't beat the classic navy look--but Oregon is a close second! It's great to be an Auburn Tiger and War Eagle!!! I'm so glad that we got another National Championship. Let's just hope that we don't wait another 50 years to win it again! I may not be around by then!

So, today is our second day to be at home. Daycare is closed again and Hudson and I are having a bit of cabin fever. Joel went to work this morning. Let's just say I'm thankful for naptime today! We do much better when we are able to get out of the house some, and for the past two days, that has been impossible. It's so cold today that I don't even want to go outside in the driveway! We've watched Mickey, played upstairs, played downstairs, eaten, read books...you name it, we've done it (over and over again!). While it has been rough at times, I think I could get used to this! :) He's just SO sweet and loves sitting in my lap and hearing him say Mommy all the time just melts my heart! I don't get these kinds of rewards from work, that's for sure!

This was last night...I thought they were cute playing blocks on the floor together.

Check out our play room...yikes! You can tell we've been at home for a long time. Toys, toys everywhere.

We have done a lot of vaccuming around here. He goes to town with his Dirt Devil! If only it worked for real! :) The other night, he got out the vacuum and yelled, "Watch out peoples!!!" He then went on a tear with that thing. It was absolutely hilarious. He is really starting to make us laugh with his talking. His new thing is to say "good boy" after everything he does that he thinks is good, like when we tell him to stop doing something that she shouldn't be doing, he will say good boy.

Hopefully, the roads will be clear enough tomorrow that everything will be back open. Of course, as I type this, it is snowing. Joel said the roads were pretty clear on his way to work. I just don't want to drive in this stuff. It is scary, so for now, we're stuck here until it all goes away! This is not a good start to busy season!

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