Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not Much to Report...

I guess it's the January blahs because I really don't have much to say! Busy season has begun, although I really don't pick up until next week so I'm enjoying my last stress free week until April! We have not had a normal week since before Christmas, so I'm looking forward to getting back into our routine next week. Hudson didn't start back until Tuesday the 4th, and then with the snow (or I should say ice), daycare was closed for a couple of days last week, and then it was closed again yesterday for MLK Day. It finally warmed up this weekend from the bitter cold we have been having, so we've been able to go outside a little more and that always makes things better around here! It was a balmy 40 something--and it felt like it was in the 70s!

Hudson has been a bit under the weather just like every other child around here, but luckily we've not had to make any trips to the doctor (knock on wood). I just think back to a year ago when we were on about the 10th ear infection! He has been a different child since getting the tubes and for that we are thankful! So, we've been watching a lot of Mickey (which is a new thing for us--he actually asks us to put on Mickey now and it lasts about 10 minutes before he moves onto something else). He says "toodles" all the time! Really, I think if Mickey just consisted of the intro and the Hot Dog dance, he'd be in heaven because that's all he really likes. He sure can dance to the Hot Dog dance! Also, the other night, I was putting him down and we were saying night night to everyone (night night mommy, night night daddy, etc.) and he ended it by saying night night Mickey, and night night Aubie. His priorities are in the right place! :)

We've been singing lots of Happy Birthdays around here, with my dad's birthday on the 10th, Joel's mom's birthday was today, and Joel's is coming up next Friday. Hudson sings Happy To You, Happy To You, Happy (name), Happy To You. We're working on filling in the gaps! His little voice is just precious though and to hear him sing is priceless! Hopefully I can get it on video soon, but as soon as I get out the video camera, he wants to watch himself! I've been working a little bit on Hudson's 2nd birthday party. I promised myself last year that I wouldn't wait until the last minute to plan it, so I'm getting ahead! Stay tuned!

This is Hudson's "fish face." He loves making this face when you ask him to! Speaking of fish, he is such a fish in the bath tub! He now asks every night for a bubble bath, so we've been going through bubbles like it's nobody's business. He loves to hide his little dog bath toys under the bubbles and then try and find them. Oh and he also has to sit on his Elmo potty before he gets in the bath every night. He sits down, then gets some toilet paper and puts it in the potty, and then heads for the tub. No action yet, but like I've said before, I'm not even trying with it.

Tomorrow night, Hudson and I are going to Mom and Me at our church for the first time. It's a program for moms with children under 3 (or something like that) and I'm looking so forward to it! I think it's basically a play group at night with a devotional as well and I think it's going to be really fun!

Well, like I said, not much to report on, but I thought I needed to do a short post for memories sake! I don't want to forget the things Hudson is saying and doing, so if I don't write it down now, I'll forget it for sure!

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